Consultant of WHO: “Wuhan pneumonia” Asymptomatic Infectors May Spread the Virus to Others Unconsciously

Margaret W. Lavigne 

Harvard University expert Fager Ding is a well-known international public health scientist and consultant of the World Health Organization. He predicts that it will be difficult to produce an effective vaccine within a few months to fight against “2019 New Coronavirus” pneumonia (referred to as “Wuhan Pneumonia”) from Wuhan City. Further, an infected person may barely show any evident symptoms of pneumonia and keep spreading the virus to others without consciousness.  He tweeted on 1/25 and he alleged that he absolutely had no intention to cause panic. 


Every person reacts to the virus differently.  An infected person might show mild symptoms without getting a fever or serious symptoms.


Margaret W. Lavigne: If an infected person has strong immunity, the symptoms might be unnoticeable but contagious, and the virus will be passed on to others! Considering the long incubation period of “2019 New Coronavirus”…..According to the UK’s National Health Service, chickenpox, the common cold, and the flu are infectious multiple days before the infected shows any symptoms.


British and American researchers make a bold prediction that only 5.1% of Wuhan pneumonia patients have risen to the surface. It is estimated that the actual number of infected people exceeds 11 thousand people. They allege that it is even more likely the actual number of infected people will be around 132,000 and 273,000 by next month.


About 50 million people have been isolated in Hubei. He argues that transportation like airplanes and trains might speed up the transmission rate of the virus.  Studies have pointed out that  “2019 New Coronavirus” is more violent than SARS and more difficult to prevent.  The researches claim that it is currently in the “early stage.” 



Wuhan Coronavirus Can Be Infectious Before People Show Symptoms, Official Claims

Business Insider: The coronavirus can be spread from person to person before someone realizes they even have it, according to the Chinese health minister



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