Workplace Bullying and Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

Action speaks louder than words. Repeated action witness the intent. The perception of the accuser/ victim matters most. Thus, do not make excuses for the abuser/the accused at workplace. Either workplace bullying or sexual harassment is rarely a one-time thing.


Every employer must send a clear message that sexual misconduct and sexual harassment are never acceptable and the government should get involved by legalizing the punishment for the sexual abuser at the workplace so as to prevent more troubles and tragedies on earth. Related policies should be implemented ASAP.  


“You hear from people that they didn’t intend to offend anyone, were only joking, and when they put their arm around someone, it wasn’t meant to be sexual. Employees have the right not to be touched at work, or addressed in a diminutive way or hear jokes about the tightness of their clothing, People put way too much emphasis on intent rather than perception” says David Lewis, CEO of HR consultancy Operations­Inc.


Much like workplace bullying, sexual harassment absolutely affects an individual’s work performance and meanwhile creates an intimidating or abusive work environment for the employees. Who should take responsibility to tackle sexual misconduct and workplace bullying at workplace? I suppose the governments should set a new law to demand every company to set up a routine procedure to prevent something like this with questionnaires or something. 


It’s a commonplace thing that a supervisor or anyone who is in a higher position at the workplace asks a female subordinate to socialize during off-duty hours has indicated he or she is not interested. It’s common that a newcomer finds herself/himself the pressure to socialize with their supervisor or even colleagues after working hours. 


Some company owners try not to dismiss a key employee for the sake of workplace bullying or sexual harassment. However, Sanford Rose Associates’ John Malloy says that after he fired an abusive employee at the factory he once owned, “there were no issues for several years.”


How to report sexual harassment at work? Who will tackle the affair? What will be the punishment for the abuser, verbal warning or what? 


#Protect the Bullied/ the Accuser

The accused might seek revenge. Thus, the best solution may be for the accused and the accuser to work from home or get paid leave.

Company’s Rules on sexual harassment for reference 
#Any kind of harassment or bullying can potentially create a hostile workplace. 


#1 Any person in the company is found committing sexual harassment to others will be dismissed, whether they are VPs or CEO. If contractors happen to harass our employees, we will demand that company to takes disciplinary action and/or refuse to work with this person in the future.


#2. Anyone who witnesses sexual harassment is liable to report to HR. The bystanders who witness sexual harassment without helping nor reporting to HR should take the blame too. 


# 3. Managers and HR especially are obliged to prevent sexual harassment and act when they have suspicions or receive reports.


#4. Behaviors like flirting or sexual comments might be interpreted as sexual harassment if you make your colleagues uncomfortable or feel unsafe. We assume every sexual harassment claim is legitimate unless proven otherwise.


#5 Every claim from the accuser should be investigated properly. Bullying, discrimination and victimization are not allowed.  of harassed employees. For the accuser, they will not be transferred to positions with worse pay. 


How to report sexual harassment? 
If you are being sexually harassed or suspect another person is being harassed, report it to [HR manager, HR generalist and ask for an urgent meeting with HR. Or, you might consider calling the police and inform HR that you are able to press charges. If you have any hard evidence (e.g. emails), back up the files and forward it to HR. 


Try to collect evidence or information that can be used in investigation if possible. HR and your supervisor will discuss the issue and contact you as soon as possible.


It’s never easy to expose wickedness at workplace, but everyone is responsible to help build a safe workplace. 

Bystander effect refers to the situation in which the greater the number of people present, the less likely people are to help a person in distress. 


Common signs of Abusers 

Abusers are good at turning things around and they are adept at masking their vicious intent and attitude with smiles or pretentious favors. According to the research, they  “capture” victims who are easygoing or approachable in character. They play mind games with an attempt to have psychological and emotional control over the abused. 


Generally, the abusers will deny their abusive behaviors and will never own up to her behavior nor can they acknowledge their faults and sins unless there is undeniable evidence presented. Many abusers are talented compulsive liars. Typically, the abusers are good at forming an “alliance” with a group or within an organization so as to validate their self-interest, power and influence.



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