Would Rabbits Die of Loneliness? Can Rabbits Live Happily Alone after company’s death?

Would rabbits die of loneliness? Can rabbits survive after company’s death? Can Rabbits Live Happily Alone?

Yes. Rabbits are pack-living animals.


Vets: Pet rabbits kept alone feel ‘frustration’ and ‘fear’

Vets issues warning after an internal survey that pet rabbits experience “frustration” and fear” because they are being kept away from their own kind.

Many rabbits were being kept as “solitary animals” might be neglected by their owners. Vets assert that keeping one rabbit alone can mean “misery” for the rabbits.

For many pet owners, it is as normal to keep a single dog or cat. Nevertheless, vets warned that it can be dangerous to keep a bunny in solitude and away from their own kind.

Robin Hargreaves asserts that “rabbits need the companionship of other rabbits and should never be kept alone or with guinea-pigs. The best combination is a neutered female and a neutered male rabbit. Pet owners, particularly parents trying to buy a suitable pet for their child, have the very best intentions. But I would urge them to stop, think and ask before purchasing any animal, and give careful consideration to their ability to fully provide for its welfare needs as well as the child’s relationship with the animal. Rabbits are very social animals and need contact with their own kind. Being kept on their own causes these animals to experience boredom, frustration, and fear.”

A BVA spokesman emphasizes that pet owners often overlooked the fact that rabbits have “complex needs. ”



I heard so many stories that as a rabbit dies, his/her company can’t bear the sorrow and dies within days or weeks. Rabbits can be emotional.

When the rabbits get depressed or upset, it highly affects their diet and energy. The rabbit might lie around on the same spot the whole day because of sorrow or sickness.

If one of your bunnies dies or leaves all of a sudden, be aware of the reaction of another bunny to its loss of a company.

Story 1: When the male rabbit from my bunny-pair died, the female would sit next to its body mourning. She normally has a good appetite, but after the death of the male bunny, she hardly ate anything the following week. She also didn’t want to come out during her daily play time.

Bunnies can develop a very intense bond with their partner. It is possible that a bunny dies after a partner’s death even if there are other bunnies around.


Can rabbits be alone and happy?

Rabbits are social. And people wonder whether can they truly be happy living alone?

It depends on the rabbit. Mostly, rabbits prefer to have a mate and can be happier with good companies. Sure, rabbits grieved when his past mates have died.

Attention: there are some rabbits that just don’t like other rabbits and will fight for the sake of jealousy.

As to bonding, it may take a few tries before you can find a rabbit which is a compatible match to your rabbit.

Attention 2: There are also rabbits who enjoy sleep with other rabbits, but don’t want to live with other rabbits.

Attention 3: Rabbits respond to people differently than they do other rabbits.



Is it a good idea to have rabbits live with other animals?

Rabbit’s need to be kept with at least one other friendly rabbit. Rabbit’s who are new to each other need to be introduced under supervision. Normally, rabbits would be scared of cats and dogs. But friendships can possibly be forged between them as well .

Rabbits are naturally sociable preferring. Rabbits might develop abnormal behaviors and may suffer from loneliness and boredom. Rabbits that are taken by people from a young age might be easier to build friendship and companionship with their owner.

Rabbits receiving little care early in life may find human contact distressing. They might show their fear by escaping or aggression.

Indoor rabbit might view humans as important companions. If your rabbit has to be kept alone, you must provide them with companionship by daily interaction.

Provide enough resources (e.g. comfortable shelter/bountiful food and water/ enough sunshine) at all times. Rabbits can be stressed out or bullied if they don’t get along with other bunnies. Rabbits brought up together will usually get along, but it might be harder for adult rabbits to make new friends and get into a fight.


Music for Rabbits: Many rabbits love listening to music

It is said that some rabbits are binky when their favorite tunes are on.

Relaxing Music for Rabbits! Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief for Rabbits!



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