What Blinds Our Vision to See the Blessings Behind a Disaster?As We Envision the Bonus After…..

Are we living in a victim-blaming world due to the deep-seated retributive conception of karma? People tend to perceive life troubles as God’s punishment because they have a limited knowledge about the Bible. People know nothing about “God’s discipline.” (Hebrews 12:11, Hebrews 12:5-7, Proverbs 3:11-12). According to the Bible, God grants suffering of the chosen ones, namely the righteous, for justified reasons.


As we envision the bonus after overcoming a great difficulty, we define the happening as a life challenge. For those who are able to find the hidden marvelous chances behind a disturbing happening, they will be optimistic, positive and hopeful. For those who fail to notice the hidden advantageous opportunities behind a disturbing event, they might question about God’s justice. That fully explains why a life trouble to a person might be conceived as a life challenge by another. Generally, people might have completely different sets of appraisals about a negative event. Anger, sorrow, pessimism and little faith are the most common causes to blind people’s vision to see the blessings behind a disaster. What I learn from life, a disquieting life problem might prevent us from losing something more valuable or prevent us from getting into a bigger trouble.


We are not all-knowing as God. We might misjudge anyone. By misjudging people, we’re doing them injustice. That’s partly why the Bible says “Judge not” (James 1:26, (Matthew 7:1-3 KJV). Be patient and be hopeful. Live a highly self-disciplined life and save yourself regrets in life.

What Blinds Our Vision to See the Blessings Behind a Disaster? 


Wise Library 1985

Instead of using my given birth name, I utilize pseudonyms to publish my writings and Margaret W. Lavigne is one of them. I am keenly aware of adverse effects of being a celebrity and that’s why I value my privacy.




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