熱門美國影集2 broken girls|破產女孩|劇中經典台詞中英對照|I mean, it’s life. Lower your expectations.

美國勵志搞笑情境喜劇|影集《破產姐妹》2 Broke Girls

看似瘋瘋癲癲的女主角Max其實非常有一套她個人的做人法則,她不走真善美那一套。如果誰的行為很流氓或惡霸,她不會讓自己吃虧,不會讓自己當軟柿子的特質。但看似跋扈的女主角會講出一些讓你不得不點頭稱道的思維像是 “If you’re going to act like an ass, I’m going to treat you like an ass.” “ I don’t take crap from anyone, so that makes people think I’m rebellious. I’m not. I’m just not a pushover.”而生於富裕之家但父親入獄頓時無家可家的Caroline因為Max的收留,而成為室友並在同一間餐廳工作。

▲pushover的英文解釋:  a person or anything which is easily taken advantage of or defeated


第38屆人民選擇獎(People’s Choice Awards)中、最受歡迎電視新喜劇(Favorite New TV Comedy)、三個艾美獎(Emmy Award)提名中、最佳藝術指導獎。


  • 凱特·丹寧絲(Kat Dennings)飾演麥克絲·喬治·布萊克(Max George Black)
  • 貝絲·貝爾斯(Beth Behrs)飾演卡洛琳·薇絲柏·錢寧(Caroline Wesbox Channing)

《破產姐妹》經典台詞: I act like I dont want anything because I never go anything I wanted. 我表現出我什麼都不要的樣子,是因為我從來沒有得到我想要的東西。


  • act v.1.演(戲),假裝,扮演(角色)2.表現,行動生效,,起作用
  • act on 1. 遵行,奉行,按照…行動對…起作用
  • act one’s age 行為舉止符合自己的年紀
  • act in the spirit of 本著…的精神行事

《破產姐妹》經典台詞:I don’t cry. I sold my tear ducts to an organ bank for cash two years ago. 我不哭,兩年前我便為了錢把我的淚管賣給了一個器官銀行。


  • duct n.管,導管,輸送管,槽,溝,渠道。

《破產姐妹》經典台詞:I mean, it’s life. Lower your expectations. 我的意思是:這是人生,降低你的期望!


  • expectation n期望,預期,期望值
  • against [contrary to] one’s expectation違背一個人的期望。
  • answer sb’s expectation 回應某人的期望。
  • meet sb’s expectations[1] 符合某人的期望
  • come up to sb’s expectation達到某人的期望= live up to sb’s expectations[2]
  • fall short of sb’s expectation辜負某人的期望。
  • in expectation of 預料著(會發生)~,指望著,期望著。
  • manage expectations調整期望值(=Seek to prevent disappointment by establishing what can realistically be achieved beforehand.)
  • beyond expectation 出乎意料

《破產姐妹》經典台詞: So while you were laying around on your trust fund doingnothing every day, having other people scrub your toilet,you could hold your head up high? But now that you support yourself by earning your own money, that’s somehow shameful?所以,過去你每日無所事事靠信託基金讓別人替你擦你的廁所,你可以趾高氣昂?但,現在你靠己賺錢養活自己,卻不知怎地感到可恥了?


  • lay around:沒目的打發時間。英解:Pass the time aimlessly[3]
  • somehow adv.設法,不曉得為何,不曉得什麼緣故

《破產姐妹》經典台詞: If I learned anything in life. It’s that nothing more flammable than my dreams.如果我從人生有學到什麼,那就是:沒有任何東西比我的夢想更容易燃燒我。


  • flammable adj.易燃的。英解:easily set on fire.

[1] 英文解釋: to be as good as someone expected or hoped for.

[2] e.g. The food here didn’t meet our expectations at all.

   e.g. This product does not come up to my expectations. Thus, I want to return it.

[3]  get laid [informal]: Have sex.

   lay claim to something: assert that one has a right to something.

   lay someone off: discharge a worker temporarily or permanently.

《新世紀福爾摩斯》愛情喜劇《A to Z》英劇《Mr. Selfridge》《塞爾福里奇先生》 美劇House of Cards《紙牌屋》 (Parade’s End)《隊列之末》   2 broken girls《破產女孩》這些都是很多人討論的影集。這一篇要介紹的是美國影集 2 broken girls《破產女孩》,這一部詼諧和勵志的成分都很高,好像亂能夠打亂觀眾一些鑽牛角尖的細胞。劇情提要:迷數兩位女服務生白手起家奮勇逆流而上的勵志故事,她們活的很有味道很有志氣,兩位女主角的友情大概就是這部戲最迷人的地方。




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    After a bad break-up, Jess, an offbeat young woman, moves into an apartment loft with three single men. Although they find her behavior very unusual, the men support her – most of the time. Schmidt is the funniest character on the show. He always makes me laugh!
    You can watch new girl @ http://seriesgate.tv/watch-newgirl-online/ or any other shows.

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