An Open Letter to the Parents: 14 Tips to Strengthen a Parent-Child Relationship

content writer: Margaret W. Lavigne 


#1: Everyone wants to be listened with respect, including kids.
If you want to learn more about their life, you have to learn to be a attentive listener first. The more patient you are, the more info you will get. The more open-minded and compassionate you are, the more closer and stinger the relationship will be. Learn to respect their decisions in life if your kids take effort to achieve what they want.


#2: Be careful of using your words when you respond their life troubles.

Do not be judgmental. No reckless judgments please. Do not push away your kids from you.


#3: You don’t have to be perfect. Be compassionate, humble and tender. 
Admit your own mistakes. Apologize when appropriate. Show your kids that you are trying to improve yourself and learn from life as well.


#4: Humor makes our life much better in the good times and bad times.

Never forget to practice your sense of humor.

#5: Don’t be wise after the event. 

What to do when kids make mistakes? Focus on blaming or solution brainstorming? 


#6: Respect kids’privacy.

#7: Respect boundaries.

Give them the opportunities to learn from their mistakes. You can’t shield your kids from harm for the rest of their life. They fall and they grow. 


There is no such thing as a perfect decision. You might not sure what’s best for your child. Don’t be prideful. It’s a commonplace thing that arguments and misunderstanding increase as kids fail to abide by what their parents expect them to.


You have your own life. They have their own life. You can’t deprive their life. If your kid follow your decision for a lifetime, it’s not their life. It’s yours.


If your child is going through a hard time, they might need your help without asking. If they fail to laugh anymore, that’s a common sign of suffering and depression.


#8:Set yourself an example. It’s the hardest part and it’s more useful. 

Action speaks louder than words. Kids are watching what you have done in your life. If you demand your child to be trustworthy, responsible, honest,and good-hearted. Set yourself an example.


#9: Set up the family rules. Let the kids know the core values of the family. 

#10: Gives compliments to your children when they deserve it. 

#11: Do not forbid your children to do anything without offering an explanation. 

Treat them the way you want to be treated. Don’t bully their rights because you are the parent. They deserve it. Show them the respect they deserve and they will show you the respect in return. 


#12: Show them how to control their anger. 

Do not yell at your children. Remember, they learn from you. Show your kids how to control anger properly.  


#13: Don’t be stingy to show your affection.Save yourself regrets. 

Hugging is good for our mental health and it acts as a natural stress reliever. Hugging is necessary to strength a relationships in general.

# 14: Give them advice. And let them make the final decision on their own. 

Let them figure out what they want to do with their own life. Significantly, be supportive after they make a tough decision.


# 15: Don’t be quick to dismiss what they say as you guys see things differently. 

That shows they want to respond to you. If you can’t control your temper properly, your kids might learn to be silent like forever when they spend time with you to avoid more quarrels.


#16: Disobedience occurs with reasons. 

For instance, if a child starts to skip classes, he/she might encounter troublesome tricky interpersonal problems. Do not blame your child at the outset. A soft tone is the best way to properly show our affection and concern to anyone.  Vulnerable hearts are tender and breakable. Be careful of the way of giving your comfort. Instead of blaming, you’d better find a solution with your kids. It takes time and effort. Be patient. Mental support and unconditional love are decidedly important to help a person go through the tough times in life. 



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