Subconscious Mind: Decision Making and Self-healing Mechanism

By Margaret W. Lavigne

The continuous attachment to bad memories can be detrimental to our mind and body. That’s why the Bible says: Keep no record of the wrongs. The recording of disturbing memories in our brain potentially wreak our nervous system and immune system, which may lead to depression and overproduction of stress hormones. The hypnotherapist, Danna Pycher believes that when an event happens in our life, it gets recorded in our brains. When we experience something stressful, stress signals are sent to the brain, and our body transformed into defense mode and endocrine system releases adrenaline and cortisol and ultimately our immune system deteriorates.


Significantly, self-healing mechanism is situated in the subconsciousness. Thus, we have to resolve our mental wounds and stop carrying the bad memories so as to embrace a better future life. ‘Trauma’ can be anything that affected us in a influential negative way. 


#Your subconscious mind is constantly filtering the information and affirming your beliefs.

The subconscious mind never sleeps. Do not allow people’s doubts cast shadows to your beliefs. People’s judgments can be false or groundless projections, which have nothing to do with your capability. Surround yourself with positive people. Unfollow people who lead you astray.


Thus, try telling yourself ” My life is good and is getting better. My daily lives will be healthy and grounded I am imperfect but I am blessed and I have received more than I deserve. I am being grateful for God’s forgiveness. and I will be patient to be a better me and embrace a better future with diligence. I will help the needed and the weak in my ways.”


We suppose we all have a conscious free will, but we might be wrong. A new study shows that patterns of brain activity can reveal which choice we are going to make long before we are aware of it.A team led by John-Dylan Haynes of the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin scanned the brains of volunteers  and the scientists are able to tell from the scans which hand participants were going to use as early as 10 seconds before the volunteers were aware that they made up their mind. The researches predict our actions from precocious brain activity patterns.


我們自認我們都有意識的自由意志,但是我們可能錯了。柏林伯恩斯坦計算神經科學中心的John-Dylan Haynes領導的團隊對自願者的大腦進行掃描,研究人員可以在自願者下定決心之前的10秒鐘就準確預測自願者將要使用哪隻手。 

#Observe your  inner monologue

Analyze your minds and behaviors.If you find yourself being unsatisfied with your life or being anxious, write down any possible causes rather than run away from it. Generally, people suffer due to three reasons: suppressed anger, greed and vanity. People want to be envied. People can’t forgive the faults of others. People are bad at making apologies. People are being prideful without awareness. Only when we shake of negative thoughts out of our subconsciousness, we will be healthy again. That’s why God demands us not to keep the record of the wrongdoings. God expects us to repent , to correct and to love.


#How our subconscious affect our decision-making? 

Researches show that a great deal of behavior stems from our subconscious mind. In a sense, we are not that rational as we thought. A research team at Carnegie Mellon enlisted 27 healthy adults to undergo brain-imaging scans during mental testing.The subjects were given information about cars and other items and they have to memorize a sequence of numbers before make the decision.The brain scans showed that the visual and prefrontal cortices, which is responsible for decision-making and learning, were working as test subjects were learning new things.

▲Unconscious Decisions


#Write a gratitude journal: Focus on “having” rather than “wanting”
Once you believe you have enough, unshakable anxiety, depression and unhappiness will be gone.

Subconscious Mind Is Influential to Our life 

#The subconsciousness is irrational and has a distorted perception of time.That’s why time is faster when we enjoy ourselves.Negative emotions prevent you from having a better life. The longer your subconscious mind believes in something, the stronger it will be. If you tell yourself that your life can’t be better, your subconscious will do its best to make you give up your hopes on a better future. For instance, if you believe in people’s negative perspective about you, subconscious will lower your self-esteem.


When we feel anxious and stressful, the signals are sent to the brain and our body will turn into defense mode and the endocrine system releases adrenaline and cortisol out of self-protection. However, persistent extreme stress and overproduction of stress hormones will eventually hurt our nervous system and our immune system will deteriorate.


# Focus on the solutions 

When you are wrapped by positive thoughts, you will seek all the solutions. When you are engulfed with negative thoughts, you will give up easily or earlier without much trying.Negative thoughts are contagious. One negative thoughts might create another and gets stronger. Dark negative thoughts will ultimately destroy our hopes and ruin our happiness.


Visualize What you want in 10 years

Remember, our subconscious minds hold us back from pursuing what we want when we hold a conflicting belief about what we want.


#Make decisions that align with your life values and top priorities

# Identify your core values and motives.


#Characteristic of subconscious mind
1)Our subconscious mind has a distorted perception of time, and that’s why we feel time passes by faster when are having fun.

2) Subconscious mind does not act rationally. For instance, if you start doubting your self-worth and someone else tells you that you are not good enough, then your subconscious might believe you are not good enough to achieve what you want. Since our subconscious mind is irrational, we need to guide our subconsciousness in the right direction so as to save regrets in life. Our subconscious highly affects our life more than we thought. It affects the ways we do things when we are not unaware of it.


Most people share the need to be respected, loved and comforted. We cannot change the past, but we can alter our mind’s perception so we can heal our mind and body. As we store bad memories in our brains, we carry unnecessary pain throughout our life. The worst mental illness is self-loathing. Love and self-confidence eliminate sorrow and depression.


We cannot change the past, but we can alter our mind’s perception so our body and mind can finally let go of the past after we heal our mind and body.


As we store more and more bad memories in our brains, we abuse our brain without awareness. Bad memories are accusations, which are essentially hostile and rife with anger, sorrow or violence.  Only when we let go of the past, the defense mode of the nervous system can be relieved and the endocrine system can stop releasing stress hormones and our body will be truly healed. 

Healing illness with the subconscious mind | Danna Pycher | TEDxPineCrestSchool

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind Before You Sleep Every Night

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