Subconscious Mind and Body’s Self-healing Power

The continuous attachment to bad memories can be detrimental to our mind and body. That’s why the Bible says: Keep no record of the wrongs.

The recording of disturbing memories in our brain can potentially wreak our nervous system and immune system, which may lead to depression and the overproduction of stress hormones. That’s why the Bible says: Keep no record of the wrongs. 

If we want to embrace a better future life, we have to resolve our mental wounds and stop carrying the bad memories, so we earn the chance to trigger the self-healing mechanism in the subconsciousness. 

Pycher asks her patients to access their memories of the very first time they experienced trauma. The ‘trauma’ does not need to be anything overwhelming like the loss of a loved one or an accident. It can be anything that affected the patient in a significant, negative way. So maybe we should ask ourselves: Are you satisfied with your life so far? Do you believe you are the lucky one who is blessed by God? Can you feel God’s benevolence? Has God ever saved you from troubles? 


Scientists and psychologists both emphasize that if we want to activate body’s self-healing power, we have to control our subconscious mind.  Our subconscious highly affects our life more than we thought. It affects the ways we do things when we are not unaware of it. Understanding our subconscious mind more might help us avoid “cognitive dissonance” and we are able to execute higher self-discipline in our daily lives.

The subconscious mind does not act rationally. Significantly, our subconscious mind has a distorted perception of time, and that’s why we feel time passes by faster when are having fun.

Since the subconscious mind is irrational. And our subconscious mind highly affects the attitude and the way of how we deal with life challenges.  Since our subconscious mind is irrational,  we need to guide our subconsciousness in the right direction. So we can save regrets in life


Also, our subconscious mind does respond to visual cues. For instance, if we get nervous before an important presentation, we feel better after having a rehearsal a couple of times. Because we’ve ‘visualized’ our presentation, which helps reduce our anxiety.


For instance, if you start doubting your self-worth and someone else tells you that you are not good enough, then your subconscious might believe you are not good enough to achieve what you want. 


The hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, and author, Danna Pycher believes that when an event happens in our life, it gets recorded in our brains. When we experience something stressful, stress signals are sent to the brain, and our body transformed into defense mode and the endocrine system releases adrenaline and cortisol and ultimately our immune system deteriorates.


聖經說:Keep no record of the wrong。我想它想要說的是:不要去那些別人犯過的錯,或者別人對自己不好的地方!壞的記憶其實對身體的危害是很大的!你可以觀察自己憤怒一個早上或一個晚上之後的臉孔和神色!










催眠治療師和作家丹娜·皮徹(Danna Pycher)主張:當我們生命中發生某些事件,它就會被記錄在我們的大腦中。當我們遇到壓力時,壓力的信號會發送到大腦,我們的身體便會轉變為防禦模式,內分泌系統釋放出腎上腺素和皮質醇,所以如果長期處在高壓的狀態,身體的免疫系統最終會惡化。




We cannot change the past, but we can alter our mind’s perception so our body and mind can finally let go of the past after we heal our mind and body.


As we store bad memories in our brains, we carry unnecessary pain throughout our life. Bad memories are accusations, which are rife with anger, pain or sorrow for sure.  Only when we let go of the past, the defense mode of the nervous system can stop overworking and the endocrine system stops releasing of stress hormones, and our body will heal too.


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