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The Hunchback of Notre-Dame|“Excess of grief, like excess of joy is a violent thing.”

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame|Inspirational  Quotes on Love, Life and Trauma 

“Excess of grief, like excess of joy is a violent thing …The heart of man cannot remain long in one extremity.”
― Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame


“to be fair to him, his viciousness was perhaps not innate. From his earliest steps among men he had felt, then seen himself the object of jeers, condemnation, rejection. Human speech for him always meant mockery and curses. As he grew older he had found nothing but hatred around him….He had acquired the general viciousness. He had picked up the weapon with which he had been wounded.”― Victor Hugo, Notre-Dame de Paris


“I bear the dungeon within me; within me is winter, ice, and despair; I have darkness in my soul.”― Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame


“One drop of wine is enough to redden a whole glass of water.”― Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame


“He left her. She was dissatisfied with him. He had preferred to incur her anger rather than cause her pain. He had kept all the pain for himself.”― Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame


Movie Review

In the words of director Travis Pierce, “The story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame is timeless. It questions ‘What makes a monster, and what makes a man?’…we come back to that question again and again.” Pride is the capital sin among the seven deadly sins in the Bible.  Pride incites conflicts,  sense of superiority, prejudice and discrimination.  I would say, anger brings out the worst version of human beings. People who are irritable are wounded angry souls. The story grapples with controversial issues such as lust and infanticide. It is absolutely Disney’s darkest story.


There are depths and shadows to the story. It touches on social injustice, races, human nature, discrimination and crime. There are two heroes who both love the same woman. Heartbreak is inevitable, but life can be beautiful without perfection. No one can be truly happy if he tries hard to hide his imperfection.


According to the Bible, everyone will have hard lessons in life, including the chosen ones. God will test the genuineness of the faith of the righteous before He rewards people the tickets of heaven.  Evil deed and virtue will be rewarded in due course. According to the Bible, God will punish the wicked in due course in His way. According to the Bible, be aware of the danger of little faith. According to the Bible, love covers a multitude of sins. 


Weaknesses of Human Beings 

Human beings are judgmental. Quasimodo’s uncle, the Cathedral Archdeacon Dom Claude Frollo covers his inner corruption with saintly exterior. Frollo adheres to a strict set of rules with little room for forgiveness and Esmeralda practices love and mercy. Everyone faces moral choices in their lives. Esmeralda does not pray for herself. Instead, she prays for God to save people from poverty and oppression.  Frollo is self-righteousness and Esmeralda is selfless and generous. Quasimodo was forced to live in isolation and he was gullible and innocent. 

All the characters are real and imperfect. Quasimodo is stubborn and rude. Esmeralda and Phoebus keep rebelling against injustice. Frollo is god-fearing and yet terrifyingly cruel, self-righteous, prideful and manipulative. He fails to see his sins. The story presents a landscape of flawed individuals that could be found anywhere in real life. The leading lady Esmeralda is an outcast due to her race. She is assertive, fearless and compassionate to the weak and the oppressed. She stands up to Frollo and claims justice as Quasimodo is publicly humiliated by the crowds.


Director Terri Brown’s says that “Romantics believed that human existence is complicated by dualities and is often divided against itself with humanity longing for an ideal existence or society. ”I believe in beauty and wickedness of human beings, like compassion, prejudice and hatred.


Our faith affects how we treat ourselves and others around us. It’s quite easy to point out others’ faults. Most people are not aware of their own faults and I was one of them. As I become more aware of my own faults, life gets better.


There are no deep connections without trust. Nevertheless, it’s so hard to give full trust to someone after going through betrayals in life. 



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Margaret W. Lavigne 司馬儀

Life can be beautiful without perfection. There’s a strong link between unconditional love and posttraumatic growth. In truth, people only witness unconditional love during hard times. Unconditional love is found in imperfections. Imperfections teach us to be humble and compassionate. If you believe in miracles, be aware of the seven deadly sins and the power of tenderness. Earn approval and luck from God. According to the Bible, no one will be exempt from life challenges, including the chosen ones (1 Peter 1:3-9). God expects us to stay hopeful and “rejoice in our sufferings,” for “trials of various kinds” are training to make us “perfect and complete” (Romans 5:3-6, James 1:1-27). It’s comforting to know that “God promises to make something good out of the storm” (Roman 8: 28). We fall and we grow. There's a strong connection between unhealed trauma and dysfunctional immune system. If you rush yourself to become a better me, that might be a sign of unhealed trauma. As we learn to humble ourselves, life gets better. The connection between the brain and stomach is bidirectional. Negative emotions and chronic stress sabotage people's immune system. 70% to 80% of our immunity hinges on our gut health. Memory loss and cognitive impairment are common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, all of which are highly connected to type 2 diabetes. Early signs of type 2 diabetes include chronic fatigue, irritability, frequent urination, vision problems and slow wound healing. Depression is prevalent in people with diabetes due to the fact that diabetes causes “structural changes in the brain.” Muscle-building helps regulate blood sugar levels. There is growing evidence that high blood sugar leads to reduced muscle mass. Beyond that, there’s a strong link between sleep deprivation and emotional weakness. People suffer from suppressed anger and pessimism. God is watching our every move. God sees through our motives. Mental health crisis is sweeping on a global scale because the core value of capitalism is incompatible with what human truly needs. Money cannot purchase inner peace. Wealth incurs fair-weather friends, frenemies and snobs. I would say, inner peace is the utmost blessing from God. Stop recording the faults of others and practice compassion mediation instead. 我喜歡文字,大概是因為我喜歡永恆的東西,而世上多數的東西都不是。潛意識24小時不睡覺,中醫主張生悶氣、恐懼、悲觀和過食是疾病的根源。 不是所有人都需要心靈雞湯,如果你絕對正向而強壯。自認不是勵志派,是寫實警世的定位,但我肯定有邏輯基礎的正向思考。很多人可能想不到很多老毛病是「肩頸僵硬」引起的,因為肩頸僵硬會「引發自律神經失調」,而自律神經失調會引發一大串的毛病,像是失眠.焦慮.消化不良和低體溫等等!久坐者即便沒有駝背也可能有「坐姿前傾」的問題。健康建議:天芢無糖抹茶+牛奶+ 無糖豆漿+鹼性飲食(可提高基礎體溫,就提高免疫力)+淋巴按摩+ 頭皮耳朵穴道按摩+甩手操或拍打功+低耗氧的運動。糖尿病可逆轉!「提高肌肉量」是控制血糖的的關鍵!國外研究證實阿茲海默症患者「全面禁糖」可望痊癒!如果遭受暴力(家暴)、性侵或性騷擾或任何身心虐待,撥打113保護專線,24小時全年無休。生活、學業、工作等等情緒困擾,撥打安心專線「1925」。佛教主張因果論,而 Bible主張人生必有難題(包括選民),主張磨練都是鍛鍊心智,但好好表現,災難的背後會有禮物(禍福相依,壞消息可能是跳板,好消息處理不當就變成頭痛點)。Bible主張人生只有一回,沒有前世今生。人生有很多上蒼的隨堂考,氣生災,如果你相信成功需要幸運,把「柔」做好,就可以賺福氣。Bible強調自律、謙卑、口舌之禍及傲慢之惡。佛教主張因果論,而 Bible主張人生必有難題(包括選民),主張磨練都是鍛鍊心智,但好好表現,災難的背後會有禮物(禍福相依,壞消息可能是跳板,好消息處理不當就變成頭痛點)。Bible強調自律、謙卑、口舌之禍及傲慢之惡。Bible主張人生只有一回,沒有前世今生。人生有很多上蒼的隨堂考,氣生災,把「柔」做好,就可以賺福氣。寫信給站長:




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