Robotic surgery: What Are the Distinguished Advantages of Da Vinci Surgery?

Robotic surgery: The doctor will perform surgical procedures by using robotic machines, which is characterized by high precision and a lower level of invasion. The doctor will operate the surgery by controlling through the monitor.

What Are the Advantages of Da Vinci Surgery?

Da Vinci surgery is popularized by its distinguished precision, minimally performance and speed. The HD equipment of the robotic surgery incredibly increases the visual ability of the physician and the accuracy of the surgery.

Additionally, the scars are much smaller with a lower risk of infection and lower loss of blood. Significantly, the risk of complications during the surgical procedure, coupled with the recovery time for the patients are much reduced.

Furthermore, video cameras can be added to the robotic equipment to record the process.

What Are the Disadvantages of Da Vinci Surgery?

  • High cost of the equipment and its maintenance
  • Programming of the systems and equipment need to be learned.


What Surgeries Fit for Robotic Surgery?

  • It is ideal for those more complex surgeries.
  • It is widely developed in the oncological surgery of the rectum and esophagus-gastric as well as surgery of the morbid obesity and the pelvic floor.

Robotic Surgery Demonstration

Margaret W. Lavigne

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