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Travel Guide: Top-Rated Iconic Attractions and Things to Do in Prague

By Margaret W. Lavigne 

Old Town Square

image via Andrew Mayovskyy / Shutterstock

The building of Old Town Square has remained relatively intact since the 10th Century despite of the history of invasions in the country. Alfresco restaurants are the perfect places for you to experience the culture and food here. The square is packed with street performers, musicians to keep you entertained.


Ride a Traditional Train in Prague
The traditional train is perfect for Prague sightseeing. It is a part of Prague’s public transportation. Without getting any special ticket, you are able to have an unusual experience in Prague! The train travels from Main Train Station to Prague suburbs. Embrace the surprises. 

image credit: synonymous 


Clementium and the National Library
Clementium is a collection of historic buildings here and the National Library is one of them.  Literally,  the ancient Library Hall is a 68 meters tall Astronomical Tower, which offers splendid views over Prague. If you are fond of jazz and classical music concerts, you will love the city. 

Image Credit: Anonymous


Municipal House

The building has an ornate entrance with a concave mural . Inside, you’ll find sculptures from some of the most renowned artists. 


Direction Guide:  It’s right next to the Pachovsky Palace and the Powder Tower in the old part of town.

image/ French Restaurant of Municipal House


Astronomical Clock 


It is said that the clock is being repaired persistently during its lifetime. Still, it widely regarded as the best-preserved medieval mechanical clock on earth. Take time to visit the Old Town. The clock is located in the south part of the town hall, which was built in the fifteenth century.


Prague Castle/ Castle Hill Prague 

It’s one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions and the castle is the official residence of the president in the 21 century.

image source

Admission fee

Entry to the grounds is free of charge. But,  visiting buildings such as the St Vitus cathedral, Basillica of St George and Golden Lane demands a combined entry ticket. Get priority access will skip the huge lines. 

# Christmas Markets at Prague castle/ image source


#Direction Guide: Located in Hradcany (the Castle district)

Seven Foot Tall Sigmund Freud

image via  RossHelen / shutterstock


What’s the story behind the lifelike statue of “seven-foot-tall Sigmund Freud”?  This realistic statue of the famed psychoanalyst was created in 1996 by Czech sculptor David Černý. Černý is a non-conformist known for his provocative works and he is being defiant toward authority. There’s no clear-cut answer to the meanings behind the statue. Some people claim that the statue “The Man Hanging Out,” show Černý’s attempt to questions intellectualism in the 20th century.


As to the merits of life, it varies from person to person. Some people prioritize their career growth and some claim that family first.  It’s never easy for me to make decisions if there’s no absolute right and wrong. Generally, we tend to grip everything we desire without releasing anything we own.  And we trap ourselves in a dilemma for years or a lifetime. As to Sigmund Freud, he is a  who spent his lifetime studying phobias.  Whatever, “The Man Hanging Out” is certainly a sight to behold. It has even toured around the world, being displayed in London, Berlin, Seoul, Chicago, and Grand Rapids and Michigan.


Golden Lane – The Mysterious Legendary Lane

Golden Lane, Prague

Source: Kostenyukova Nataliya / shutterstock

The Golden Lane is the shortest street in Prague, which is characterized by tiny houses and is only fit for dwarfs to live. By 1657, only 14 houses remained here. Still, it remains a controversial issue that whether alchemists ever worked or lived here. What is assured, Czech-Jewish famous writer Franz Kafka stayed here for probably two years in house No. 22  because he enjoyed the peaceful neighborhood here. 


# direction guide: located within the grounds of the castle

image source

Popular parks  to rest in Prague

Letna Park:  Located on the top of a hill, thus great views are assured. In August, a festival of the new circus called Letni Letna is held here. If you are one of the theater lovers, don’t miss it. 

The Vrtba Garden: It’s a beautifully structured garden. 

Kampa Park: Located by the end of the Charles Bridge. It’s not easy to get here. But it’s worth visiting. 

Prague Botanical Garden: It will adds some colors to your tour in Prague.


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