Unconditional Love and Post-Traumatic Growth

 author: Margaret W. Lavigne 

Life crisis is inevitable for everyone. It’s just people hide their tears from you. Hard times is a great timing to realize how deeply the loved ones care for you. We only have the chance to witness unconditional love in the hard times. That’s why we build closer connections in hard times.

“It’s a very bad thing for a woman to face the worst that can happen to her because after she’s faced the worst, she can’t even really fear anything again.” Inspirational Quotes from Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind

#Rule 1 Never Label Yourself a Victim

Take life troubles as life challenges for personal awakening and personal growth. Never stigmatize life challenges as life troubles or God’s punishment if you don’t deserve it. Chances are,  life troubles may act as God’s grace to lead people on the right track. Indeed, it takes time to figure out blessings in life. 


#Rule2: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

For instance, those who end an abusive relationship earn the chance to have a better life for the next decades. Further, divorce stigma can be identified as an amulet for divorced women to eliminate men who are narrow-minded without compassion and empathy. 

Fix your mind on the idea of survival rather than a victim role

Don’t define yourself as a victim after experiencing a distressing, life-threatening event.  When you label yourself as a victim, you will behave according to that label. Once you consider your life experience as a tragedy, the victim role comes into being. Restless self-pity could be a totally destructive power by seeing your life as a tragic story. Give any traumatic events a  positive interpretation would be the only cure.


When you fix your mind on the idea of survival rather than the victim, you would consider your situation as being saved and blessed. You will be grateful for being a survivor. 


If we deal with life challenges properly, we will have a great chance to transform a troublesome happening into a blessing or reminder from God

Trauma, Self-Awakening and Rebirth 

Surviving over a severe trauma does represent a second chance to rebuild a person’s life, which usually titled as rebirth. People will be more conscious of time. They might transform their former life values. They might better self-discipline themselves or guard their principle better than before. It’s common that people channel their pain by putting themselves fully into work, studies or certain targets. No suffering, no change and no growth. A traumatic event usually forces us to conquer our fears. Generally, people learn to put the public eye behind after experiencing a traumatic event in life.


Life troubles teach us to be humble and be compassionate to others’ suffering. 


According to the Post-Traumatic Growth Research Group at UNC Charlotte,  “new opportunities have emerged from the struggle, opening up possibilities that were not present before.”


Trauma and Personal Growth

People come to realize that if they can overcome something terrifying, there’s nothing to fear anymore. Consequently, the inner strength comes into being. The inner voices say “if I lived through that, I can handle anything.”


Those who overcome unbearable life troubles in life obtain a better capability to deal with frustration, disappointment, loss, pain and betrayals in life. I would say, those who live through a traumatic event will earn the confidence that “If I am able to live through that, I am able to deal with other relatively trivial troubles in life for sure.”

Wise Library 1985

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