Pet Therapy Can Do Much Better than Anti-Depression Drugs

Pet Therapy Would be a Better Option than Anti-Depression Drugs.

“When asked to list the 10 most important individuals in their lives, 7- and 10-year-old children included an average of two pets on their lists. In another survey, 42% of 5-year-old children spontaneously mentioned their pets when asked, “Whom do you turn to when you are feeling sad, angry, happy, or wanting to share a secret?” Quote from Animal Welfare Institute


More and more studies found that pets do make a contribution to the owner’s health, such as lower blood pressure, lower stress level, less incidence of heart disease, and lower overall health care costs.

An Unconditional Nonjudgemental Company 

I would say, if you suffer from depression, pet therapy would be a better option than seeing a psychologist or counseling psychologist. Because Pet can potentially offer an unconditional nonjudgmental relationship with human beings.


Physical touch helps people relieve their stress, anxiety, and pain. Stroking a dog lowers blood pressure and help people quickly calm down and lower their stress level. 


Staying connected

Maintaining a social network isn’t always easy. And pets are a great way for adults to feel connected.

What Is Pet Therapy?

Pet therapy is a guided interaction between a person and a trained animal. The purpose of pet therapy is to help people cope with a mental illness or mental disorder.

Pets are able to offer mental support and great comfort for human beings particularly for those who have been terribly hurt by interpersonal relationships or love relationships. According to the studies, patients who have sensory disabilities can sometimes communicate more easily with an animal.


The Benefits of Pet Therapy

Pet therapy proved to reduce blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health as well. Pets’ company also help release endorphins in which produce a calming effect. This can help alleviate pain and improve people’s overall psychological health.


What are the possible risks of pet therapy?  In some cases, people may become possessive of the animals and be reluctant to give them up after a session.


♠Pet therapy is also referred to as animal-assisted therapy (AAT). AAT is sometimes confused with animal-assisted activities (AAA).

The goals of a pet therapy program can include:

  1. increasing self-esteem
  2. developing social skills
  3. increasing willingness to join in activities
  4. improving interactions with others
  5. motivating willingness to exercise
  6. lessen depression
  7. decrease the sense of loneliness
  8. reducing anxiety

Pet therapy can be useful for:

  1. Patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 
  2. People with mental health issues


Why Does Pet Therapy Work? (It’s Not Just Cute Dogs)

Pet Therapy For Depression – 5 Benefits



As reported, Japan has become a more animal-friendly environment over the decade. The number of pets in Japan has accelerated in a heartbeat. According to JPFA data, the nation’s 19.2 million population of cats and dogs exceeded the population of 17.9 million children aged under 16 in 2003. Significantly, Japanese treat their pet animals as their family member.  It does make sense that animals can be our most faithful companion, friends, and confidants simultaneously. Pets would never judge us with social bias.  The social phenomenon has altered the residential conditions of condominiums in Japan. At present, in most cases, condos are available for pet owners if they abide by certain rules. For instance, a pet’s body shape should under the limit of 70 cm high and its weight should be kept under a limit of 10 kg.

Nevertheless, the rental-housing sector in Japan is not that pet-friendly. Most rented-property landlords prohibit tenants who own pets. What is assured, more and more real estate companies feature pet-friendly apartments for the locals.

Reference “Japan’s love affair with dogs and cats”

2018 Japanese Drama: Sakanoue Animal Clinic Story, テレビドラマ(僕とシッポと神楽坂)

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