Meditation and the Neuroplasticity in the Brain

Researches on Neuroplasticity in the brain: What are the 9 key brain regions in our brain and their functions?

arietal Lobe: be responsible for connectedness, dealing With Loneliness

Corpus Callosum: has something to do with creativity

Hippocampus: monitor memory and learning. Once it gets damaged, the symptoms of depression come into being

Anterior Insula: has something to do with kindness, happiness and compassion

TPJ: For success and relationships

The “Fear Center” Amygdala: dealing with stress and anxiety

Prefrontal Cortex: connected with intellect and health

Pons: be responsible for insomnia, dreams and healing

1) Dr. Newburg, being a bestselling author, asserts that people lose their sense of self in meditation and would reach a sense of “oneness” with “no sense of space or passage of time.”

Many studies found that people with better social relationships live a happier life with better life-span and they have higher self-esteem and empathy. By sharing connectedness, people might get to know the daily problems or life challenges of others, which might be helpful to lower their levels of anxiety and depression.

Overall, meditation or yoga can be helpful to reduce the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety disorders. It proves to be helpful to insomnia as well.

2) What were your happiest moments in life?

Laughing with the loved ones is a common answer. Thus, many people argue that the best cure for loneliness would be solid relationships, especially “in-person” relationships.  

3) Extreme self-isolation would be harmful but common for many people. As noted, more than half of mainstream society suffer from detrimental effects of sense of loneliness, mental, emotional and physically. Thankfully, meditation would be useful to keep your parietal lobe calm, cool, and collected from feeling blue.

4) Scientist Dr. Andrew Newberg took brain images of Tibetan Monks during meditation and found the “highly intelligent” frontal lobes lit up the screen and the meditators’ “third-dimensional” based parietal lobes cooled off immensely,

“Each hemisphere is a conscious system in its own right, perceiving, thinking, remembering, reasoning, willing, and emoting, all at a characteristically human level,” quote from neuroscientist Dr. Roger Sperry’s Nobel Prize winning “split-brain” studies.


Dr. Sperry: “imbalanced” brain findings.

Dr. Sperry asserts that left-brained people are generally more logical, practical, and analytical, often better at math and science. Right-brained people are generally more imaginative, intuitive, and sensual, often excelling at philosophy and arts.

Creative people are “whole brain” thinkers rather than “right brain” thinkers

Neuroscientists have recently learned that highly creative people are actually “whole brain” thinkers rather than just “right brain” thinkers.

How does meditation remodel our brain? (冥想如何重塑我們的大腦 ) Sara Lazar at Ted Talk xCambridge

Neuroplasticity Meditation : Rebuild Your Brain

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