Misinterpretation and Confusion Over Texting

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Different from face-to-face conversation, text messaging deprive the opportunities for us to convey tone, emotion, facial expressions and  eye contact, which absolutely increase the likelihood of  possible misinterpretation and misunderstanding. By texting, it’s more difficult for us to sense the emotions or judge the  facial expressions of the senders. We might interpret their MSG in a wrong way. As mentioned from the Ball State Daily News, certain words like “whatever” is commonly misunderstood, due to the fact that the word has both positive and negative meanings (Sheikh 2012).


To keep this from happening, avoid using text to initiate momentous conversations. That’s why’s face-to-face conversations are vital in personal relationships. If you build a connection with someone primarily via text, you guys are much less likely to have deep connections. Try to meet up with those you do really care or talk to them on the phone. It will be beneficial to improve your interpersonal skills and lead to better relationships. 


A heart-to-heart conversations means you feel comfortable to share you worries and thoughts. Nevertheless, people are finding it more and more difficult to carry out conversations. Some people suggest that texting limit the communication to a surface level. I see things differently. It’s not easy for everyone to speak their heart in person. As for me, it’s not my thing to share my worries or outlet my negative emotions to friends around me. I would say, texting helps build deep conversations, especially for the introverts. Texting may offer immediate communications. But, more real life interaction will leave less room for misinterpretation.


Emojis do help the receiver to interpreter your emotions more accurately. But emojis should not be used as  the main content, which might be  identified as an careless negligent way to respond a MSG. Communicating through digital text is double-edged. Thus, conducting more face-to-face interactions will help eliminate possible miscommunications over text message.




As for me, I struggle to convey tone when I text MSG to friends and I find it’s equally difficult to get to know the info behind emoji.I like to joke around between friends. But it’s risky to make jokes online by texting.


According to CNN’s report, Americans ages 18-29 evidently prefer texting over talking. Based on the TIME mobility poll, 32% of all respondents asserts they prefer communication by text than phone, even with people they know very well.

As to t the effects of texting on interpersonal development, MIT psychologist Sherry Turkle believes “When the apology takes place over the phone rather than in person, the visual cues are lost….Part of the appeal of texting in these situations is that it’s less painful — but the pain is the point. “


The researches also found that adults are much less likely to bee conversation-phobic, but they become conversation-avoidant — mostly because it’s easier.


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