16 Beautiful Inspirational Quotes from Korean Dramas in English

content writer: Margaret W. Lavigne


K-Drama: Because This Is My First Life

Inspirational quote in this K-Drama: “He will come with his past, present and future…..so he may come to me with his once shattered heart.”

K-Drama,While You Were Sleeping

 “I saw you in a dream. You look down-hearted and sorrowful  in the dream. I came here to change that dream.”

“Do you know what is scarier than not knowing it? Believe you know everything.”

“Is it something blameful for being  deceived by others? Believing in others is not a terrible thing…”

Margaret W. Lavigne:  Why people accuse those who choose to believe the goodness in others ?

 “There should be a deadline to self-blaming. But memorize the hard lessons. ” 

“In life, there will be a terrible moment that you tend to run away. And before that terrible moment, there were some insignificant choices that lead to the terrifying moment.”

K-Drama:Another Oh Hae-young

“I thought I was too foolish to encounter something like this. It turns out that someone intelligent like you also get dumped before the wedding day. Sorry for making your suffering for comfort. “


” I’m very proud to be the one who loves others more.”

K-Drama(낭만닥터김사부)Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

“Regrets tortures me more than failure.” 

“Hard-working is good. But, we should not living like a fool. We’d better know what to fight for.”  

“I prefer stones with sharp edges and angles …. In the process of colliding with the world, the edges will gradually find their own appearance.” 

” Take light of fame and success, and you will be free.” 

Netflix Korean Drama 로맨스는 별책부록Romance Is a Bonus Book

What I want to say to myself, Jiang Dany I have known you for thirty-seven years. I still fail to get to know you well … I’m sorry I once underestimated you, I’m sorry I treated you badly … You must be tired. You  feel like crying. .. In respond to the world with a smile no matter what, you have done your best. From now on, you have to live happily. Forget yesterday. Live in the moment.  Keep moving forward.” 

“Although a book fails to change the world, but it can leave a warm mark in one’s heart …. A book cannot change the world or completely change someone’s life. But a good book will be read by everyone one day and the world will gets better little by little. “

K-Drama “Encounter”

“It’s tough to separate with those you cares overnight.” 

Margaret W. Lavigne

As to God’s discipline, it’s comforting to know that “God promises to make something good out of the storm” (Roman 8: 28). Do not keep “record of wrongs” (In Hebrews 13:5; 1 Peter 4:8). God will do the justice in due course (Matthew 12:36 NIV). History repeats. Life challenges repeat itself until we correct our unalterable weaknesses. I would say, inner peace is the utmost blessing from God (NLT, Jeremiah 29:11). Negative emotions stop us from seeing God’s blessings behind a traumatic event.手札:老天爺(上帝)想的和我們不同,所以別用這個世界或資本主義的思維去解讀老天爺的想法或做法。不要記他人之惡,因為老天爺(上帝)都記在本子裡了!做該做的事,而不是想做的事。禍福相依,禮物或災難很多時候一時看不透,旁人也看不準。掉牙與產子都是巨痛,但創傷比例偏低,是因為人們給予了事件正面的存在意義,並且相信即便艱難,所有人都能熬過去的意志!所以創傷之所以存在,往往不是事件本身,而是人們的負面解讀和負面標籤!傲慢是聖經當中的惡之首,因為傲慢帶來偏見,偏見引發暴力歧視霸凌與迫害,如種族主義等等。inner peace是老天爺(上帝)給人們的禮物。想著別人的壞,為難了自己,想著別人的好,溫暖了自己!勿低估壞情緒與言語之惡,因為言語也能左右生死。理財,從照顧好自己的健康開始!人在做天在看,老天爺上帝都是證人,自有公斷。中西醫已證實悲傷憂鬱悲觀焦慮是疾病之根源。不安焦慮說的都是恐懼。勿低估甜食之惡(國外研究證實阿茲海默症患者禁糖可望逆轉病情)。學問、宗教和人際關係,最怕道聽塗說和一知半解。放下壞情緒,明天才是真的。一體兩面,隨波逐流有隨波逐流的輕鬆和代價。走不同的路,質疑和落單往往是必然的承受。不屬於你的,只會逗留不會久留。比較有價值的事很可能往往都是既麻煩耗時、沒絕對把握、又考驗耐心的事。高度的執著,也可能是一種自負的暗語。記住自己做過錯誤的判斷,就能裝大自己的彈性。人,勝不過天,盡人事聽天命已足夠,拜拜求心安很好,只是拜拜不等於許願池(老天爺是無法被賄賂的)。自己確信的事,讀聖經與否燒香拜拜與否都不是那麼絕對必要,只要你願意相信老天爺(上帝)時刻關注記錄我們的言行,而願意要求自己柔軟正直自律謙卑憐憫,也就足夠了。互相督促。聖經點出了怠惰、憤怒與追逐私利之惡,強調柔軟、自律與耐心的重要。聖經點出7 deadly sins 與7 heavenly virtues. 不支持廢死,偏好新加坡的法律,不犯法就無須擔心法律嚴格。基本人權,只有好好做人的人才可以使用基本人權!上帝眼裡,也有不可寬恕的罪,所以才有地獄。一般人對於好人的定義與上帝對於人類的基本要求差距很大,讀了聖經就會明白上帝對人類的基本期許,大約是儒家的聖人準則那樣高的期待。沒有人完美無誤,根據聖經的學習,用力去愛會是解答。




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