Is Cohabitation Bad for Love Relationships? Cohabitation

Is Cohabitation Bad for Love Relationships? I would say, cohabitation can be the main cause which destroys the main motive of getting married. 

Love Relationships before marriage is chiefly about dating and romance while cohabitation and marriage are much about daily lives and trivial stuff, such as supermarket shopping, cooking and more. The chief difference between cohabitation and marriage is that you might not be obliged to deal with partner’s family members. And you are able to have a clear breakup without the intervention of the law. 

As I know, cohabitation is extremely popular for college students for the sake of rent-saving. And for adults and unmarried lovers for sure. From the viewpoint of Christians, they might take cohabitation before marriage as a sin. But for the public, people are less overtly judgmental about this social phenomenon these days.

“[T]he price of this freedom can be high. For by consciously withholding permanent commitment, cohabitors do not reap the advantages of a deeper partnership…cohabitors generally do not reap the profound physical-health benefits that married couples get… (p. 45).” The Case for Marriage, Linda Waite and Maggie Gallagher

Here are two thought-provoking questions:

  1. Does marriage itself promises permanent commitment? It depends on whom you married to, he could be a Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong. It dpends on whether your partner is a attentive husband or a selfish and emotional one.
  2. If marriage guarantee profound physical-health benefits, then nobody would ask for a divorce.

The only thing good about cohabitation: You are able to breakup with up Mr. Wrong with less pressure.

Flexibility and benefits of cohabitation do end up with possible side effect.

Here are some thought-provoking issues for your reference:

  • How long do you date each other before cohabitation? What if he turns out to commit violence to you after cohabiting? What if you found him to be a compulsive liar after living together?
  • How long are you plan to have cohabitation with each other? Unlimited period without a deadline? Or you plan to practice cohabitation for 3 months or something before marriage to see if you guys fit for each other or not?
  • What matters most in a love relationship? Anything that you can’t forgive your partner?
  • How would you guys spare the budget for the place you live?


To be continued 

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