HBICtv: Ultra Rich Asian Girls|加拿大電視實境秀《公主我最大》

一窺富二代名媛的留學日常|加拿大電視實境秀《公主我最大》(Ultra Rich Asian Girls)

溫哥華HBIC TV 實境秀《公主我最大》(Ultra Rich Asian Girls),由加拿大製作人Kevin Li打造的,第一季的主角是富二代名媛Florence、 Chelsea、 Coco和Joy 。網路罵聲多,但節目的人氣超乎預期,宣傳片YouTube點擊率很快就達到383,000,中國網站上更是快速有百萬點擊。同類型的節目包括《Rich Kids of Beverly Hills》 和 《Keeping Up with the Kardashians》。

 ‘Ultra Rich Asian Girls’ outpouring wealth from China

Hermes, Lanvin, Dior, Louboutin, Chanel all these girl’s daily lives. These Chinese  Canadians who star in the reality show “Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver” seek to have their own business instead of entering into any company to be the freshman.

A massive influx of Chinese wealth does skyrocket the real estate prices in Canada.

Many Americans in major cities are much troubled by the stunning rising housing prices in Vancouver. The wealthy Chinese are the chief source of the surge of cash influx. Being a Canadian journalist, Justin McElroy pinpointed that the average price of a Greater Vancouver home rose as much in the past six months as it did from 1980 to 2006. In Canadian dollars, the city’s housing prices rose from $150,000 to $375,000 within six months.

At bottom, the torrent of rising price has nothing to do with inflation but the massive immigrants who are ambitious to invest real property overseas without negotiating the prices.

Currently, the torrent of money flows out of China. The Institute of International Finance estimated that $676 billion of capital left China through official and unofficial channels in 2015. Money from China flowed into real estate in Western countries. Without doubt, Chinese investors are looking for opportunities abroad and they seek to diversify their investments overseas.

▲24-year-old Chelsea, born in Ottawa, Canada, was looking to buy a single-family home in Richmond and she revealed that her budget is about $2 million US dollars.

▲Every single person I know gossip. 

▲Ultra Rich Asian Girls: Season 1 Ep.1 (公主我最大) – Official



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