♥可以反覆倒帶聽到半夜的電影主題曲|好聽英文歌推薦|OST|Theme Songs

年度專輯:《閃耀時刻》(Golden Hour)/凱西瑪絲葛蕾芙(Kacey Musgraves)
年度唱片:《This Is America》 /淘氣阿甘(Childish Gambino)
年度歌曲:《This Is America》 /淘氣阿甘
最佳音樂錄影帶:《This Is America》 /淘氣阿甘
最佳流行專輯:《甜到翻》(Sweetener)/亞莉安娜(Ariana Grande)
最佳流行演出: 《喬安》(Joanne)/女神卡卡(Lady Gaga)
最佳鄉村歌曲:《Space Cowboy》/凱西瑪絲葛蕾芙
最佳搖滾演出:《When Bad Does Good》/克里斯康奈爾(Chris Cornell)
最佳饒舌演出:《King’s Dead》/肯卓克拉瑪(Kendrick Lamar)
《Bubblin》/Anderson .Paak
最佳饒舌歌唱演出:《This Is America》 /淘氣阿甘
最佳饒舌專輯:《Invasion of Privacy》/卡蒂B(Cardi B)
最佳R&B演出:《Best Part》/H.E.R

Imagine Dragons – Not Today from ME BEFORE YOU

電影Twilight 暮光之城:破曉Ⅰ電影原聲帶 |OST |A Thousand Years| ★愛德華與貝拉之歌

《暮光之城:無懼的愛》(Twilight》)(2008年)愛情奇幻電影,改編自美國作家史蒂芬妮·邁耶(Stephenie  Meyer)的同名小說。她著有:《暮光之城》、《暮光之城:新月》、《暮光之城:蝕》、《暮光之城:破曉》、《宿主》、《暮光之城蝕外傳:布莉的重生》以及《亡命化學家》。獲得英國文學文學士學位,是耶穌基督後期聖徒教會教徒之一。

《暮光之城》推出後獲得紐約時報主編精選、出版者周刊 年度最佳好書、亞馬遜 「最近十年來最佳好書」、青少年雜誌 「暢銷書排行榜」、美國圖書館協會「十大青少年優良讀物」及「十大最佳叢書」。

電影《真愛每一天》 About Time 電影主題曲|OST | How Long Will I Love You

《真愛每一天》(About Time)(2013年)英國浪漫喜劇科幻電影。由多姆納爾·格里森、瑞秋·麥亞當斯與比爾·奈伊主演。

quote from the lyrics: How long will I love you?  As long as stars are above you,  and longer if I can.  How long will I need you? As long as you want me to, and longer by far. […]How long will I give to you?  As long as I live through you.  However long you say.How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you, and longer if I may. How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you.
作詞/作曲:Mike Scott

Ed Sheeran – Photograph • Me Before You


木村或李奧納多或布萊德彼特或湯姆克魯斯都不是我的菜,但電影男主角英國男星山姆克拉弗林(Sam Claflin)真的非常有魅力啊。果不其然,2014年他贏得年度最有魅力男性獎。2015年獲選為全球百大帥哥NO.14會喜歡他,特別是因為《真愛繞圈圈》(Love, Rosie)這部電影。好好看。

quote from the lyrics: Loving can hurt. Loving can hurt sometimes. [….] When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes. It is the only thing makes us feel alive. We keep this love in a photograph. We made these memories for ourselves, where our eyes are never closing.  Hearts are never broken and time’s forever frozen still. So you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans, holding me closer till our eyes meet. You won’t ever be alone. Wait for me to come home. Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul  [….] I swear it will get easier […] hm, and it’s the only thing we take with us when we die. […] And if you hurt me, that’s okay baby, only words bleed inside these pages. You just hold me
and I won’t ever let you go. Wait for me to come home […] Oh, you can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were sixteen next to your heartbeat where I should be keep it deep within your soul. 

Album: X (Deluxe Edition)
Lyrics, music: Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid


As a chief editor, I tend to unveil the issues which are easily neglected by the mainstream public. As for love, I suppose we should rationalize affections. As to the meaning of life, it’s hard to pin down. I do believe there are different life courses for every individual. Regarding faith, I certainly believe that God is watching over us and trying hard to guiding us to the right path through consecutive hints or persistent reminders by many unpredictable episodes in daily lives. The core spirit of capitalism disseminates a reward-oriented idea. What’s the fundamental bestiality of capitalism? What's the underlying causality of universal bullying phenomenon on the worldwide scale? Do the self-serving politicians gross over their wickedness by law or something? We have seen countless politicians who are talented at outwitting the crowds and working for their own advantage with flat-out lies. I would say, independent thinking might be the antidote. Set up a knowledge-oriented website is my very original core motive. I do hope this platform also provides entertainment, soul-healing articles simultaneously. The best way to support the website is to help share the article by Facebook, Line or Instagram. Many thanks. 《Getting Closer to God’s Voice 1985》目前網站累積兩千餘篇文章,囊括語言教學、時事、旅遊美食、理財買房、兩性專欄、電視劇電影影集、逛街網購時尚情報及法律知識的相關文章都在持續增加ING。建立一個「一輩子所需的資料庫和知識庫」是設立這個網站的理念,希望是兼具知識、娛樂與療癒功能的一個平台。點擊廣告雖然可以增加網站收入,但支持網站最好的方式,是幫忙把文章以FB或Line 或IG 分享出去。建議用電腦閱讀。



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