Failure is a blessing in disguise: Without Problem-Solving Experience, without Self-Growth  

Life crisis triggers personal mental growth

Sure enough, there is a positive outcome that follows a life crisis or a life challenge, including unemployment, divorce, sickness, cancer, and bereavement. How we cope with big troubles in life upgrade our self-growth.

Life Crisis is not absolutely a personal crisis

The people we meet, the life paths we choose and the lessons we have learned along the way will affect our personal growth.


Troubles Are Not All About Loss or Bad News

How you deal with loss will determine the consequence of the unpredicted events.Some take life troubles for granted. And some deal with life crisis with desperation and disappointments.

As to life management, It’s about managing our emotion, time, relationships and frustrations. And it’s about adjusting our life expectation and strategies to our targets.


Everyone experiences failure in different timings of their lives. Abraham Lincoln failed sixteen times in election before becoming president of the United States.

 If you overly fear of failure, you will never take any risk in life. And if you don’t take the risk, you won’t earn what you want.

Failure is actually a blessing in disguise. It gives you an opportunity to know how to make your idea or career impeccable. It also helps you to refine your projects and strategies to be more competitive.

Wise Library 1985

Instead of using my given birth name, I utilize pseudonyms to publish my writings and Margaret W. Lavigne is one of them. I am keenly aware of adverse effects of being a celebrity and that’s why I value my privacy.




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