▲progressive: Open to new ideas or favoring liberal ideas, new methods, etc.這個字可以同時當形容詞和名詞。當你說一個人progressive,就是指對方進取又開明的意思。
▲ approachabl:easy to talk to or deal with =friendly 和善可親好相處的意思。
▲reliable=trustworthy 可靠;值得信賴的…. demonstrate reliability 
▲have a high sense of responsiblity有很高的責任心;責任感很強。

內向的英文是:introvert。名詞。英文解釋是: a person who tends to shrink from social contacts and they develop their interest rather inwardly.

外向的英文是:extrovert 英文解釋1) a person concerned more with external reality than inner feelings 2) an outgoing person 3) a person concerned primarily with the social environment rather than with the self.



要說自己善於傾聽,就可以說自己是一個good listener 



▲get off the ground: Start to operate or proceed in a successful way.  

e.g. Let’s get this project off the ground.

▲hands-on experience 實務經驗

hands-on 英文解釋:involving practical experience or participation 相反詞是 theoretical

e.g. Mike is a hands-off supervisor.

e.g. Hands-on experience is not needed for this job.這份工作不需要實務經驗。

▲hands-off,從字面上的意思可以推測就是不插手干預干涉的意思。英文解釋:characterized by nonintervention or noninterference.

▲To touch base with+對象: 意指跟某對象聯繫。

touch base – establish communication with someone


▲carry the ball: 負責或擔任主要任務(to be in charge)。片語同樣源自球賽,因為許多ball game中拿到球的那個人身兼重責大任。

e.g. This is our last chance to tie the game. Thus, I want you to carry the ball on this play.

e.g. We need someone who knows how to get this job done. Why don’t you carry the ball for the team?

▲In the know 英文解釋: having access to information about something, especially that which is exclusive or secret.

e.g. Tom is in the know about the project. He’ll be qualified to answer your questions.

e.g. So far, not too many people are in the know about this project.

▲second nature  英文解釋: a tendency or habit that has become characteristic or instinctive.  

e.g.  Effective team players work this way by second nature. 


“Let’s figure out ways to work together and get work done.”

“ I am open to ideas. Enlighten me.”

“Let’s set a new direction to our desired target.”

“The team needs to move forward to make a final decision or get something done. We shouldn’t argue about this issue to death.” 

“Both parties have to make compromises when needed.”

“Every member should adapt to ever-changing situations. We shouldn’t get stressed out because of something challenging.”

 “I was the one who took the initiative to offer help.”


go-getter: 積極有活力有進取心的人 A highly motivated, energetic and ambitious person

team player有團隊精神的人 。

people person:  善於交際的人

英文面試常考題 讓你脫穎而出的回答 ft. JR Lee Radio


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