4 Inspirational Quotes from ” Elena Ferrante, The Story of the Lost Child”

“Every intense relationship between human beings is full of traps, and if you want it to endure you have to learn to avoid them.”


“I would leave with her something of mine that she would never give back.”


“I said to myself every day: I am what I am and I have to accept myself; I was born like this, in this city, with this dialect, without money; I will give what I can give, I will take what I can take, I will endure what has to be endured.”


“What a waste it would be, I said to myself, to ruin our story by leaving too much space for ill feelings: ill feelings are inevitable, but the essential thing is to keep them in check.

埃琳娜·費蘭特 Elena Ferrante《那不勒斯故事》

Wise Library 1985

Instead of using my given birth name, I utilize pseudonyms to publish my writings and Margaret W. Lavigne is one of them. I am keenly aware of adverse effects of being a celebrity and that’s why I value my privacy.




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