Economic Ecotones: Seek Edge Effect Individual Businesses

Economic Ecotones: Seek Edge Effect Individual Businesses

Edge effects Guarantee Opportunities and Powerful Diversity. In the 1930s, Aldo Leopold, an American environmentalist invented the term “edge effect.” Eugene Odum popularize this idea in the 1950s, described an ecotone as“an area or zone of transition between two or more diverse communities.” Nowadays, this concept of ecotones has been widely applied to individual businesses.

“ Everyone is looking for an edge, or advantage, in business [….]We define an “edge” as the outer rim that frames what you do and separates it, quite conveniently, from what you don’t [….] Edges have another interesting property; they are the places wherethe inside and the outside meet […] In nature, in civilization, and, indeed, in business, the peripheriesteem with the most fascinating interactions. Where things meet, opportunities abound [….] At the edges, the populations, resources, nutrients, lights, and food from both ecosystems mix. Some species exist only in ecotones, given the uniquely fertile environment that the combination of the two worlds creates.” This paragraph is excerpted from the Harvard Business Review Press book Edge Strategy: A New Mindset for Profitable Growth.

Environmental Economics: Opportunity Resides Along the Edges

William Rees – Sustainable Economic and The Dangerous Disconnect Between Economics and Ecology

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What is ECOTONE? What does ECOTONE mean? ECOTONE meaning, definition & explanation

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