Law in Dubai: Unmarried Lovers Are not Allowed to….

#No Hugging and Petting in Public 

Dubai is a Muslim country and they adhere to Islamic and Sharia laws. Only married couples are allowed to hold hands in public in Dubai. For married couples, kissing and hugging is also prohibited. Those who make sexually suggestive gestures in public will pay for the price. For sure, topless sunbathing is viewed as public indecency and you might end up in jail.


Also, tourists and locals are not permitted to dance in public. Dancing is only allowed in private spheres and licensed clubs. Additionally, dancing and loud music are forbidden in public places, including beaches, parks and residential areas.


According to the law of Dubai,  for a married couple, “kissing and petting are considered an offense to public decency. “Public displays of affection” should be avoided. The offenders are liable to be punished by imprisonment or deportation.”




In Dubai, unmarried lovers or anyone of the opposite sex can’t live under the same roof or share one room. It’s illegal and forbidden by the law. Again, Cohabitation and sexual relationships are not allowed for unmarried lovers in Dubai.


Attention:  Homosexuality is identified as a criminal offense in Dubai and offenders will be deported. 


#Alcohol Policy  

You will get in trouble for drinking alcohol outside designated areas. Non-Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol in licensed areas,  such as hotel restaurants. In Dubai, the locals have to apply for a liquor license so as to enjoy alcohol at home.


Dubai has a zero-tolerance to drunk driving. Anyone who is caught drunk driving will be imprisoned. Also, tourists can be arrested for getting drunk in public. 


Cybercrimes law in Dubai: Do not photographing anyone without permission 

Strict cybercrimes law was enforced since 2012. For instance, an American was put into jail for making a video joking about youth culture here. In 2013, a man was arrested for uploading the footage of a crime on YouTube. 


According to the cybercrime law, any usage of social media is illegal if the behavior invades the privacy of another person. Generally, recording conversations and photographing others without permission are identified as a crime here. 


According to the law in Dubai, everyone is prohibited from establishing an electronic site for the purpose of organ selling or human trafficking. The offenders will be jailed. In a sense, photographing any men and women in public without earning their permission will be likely to be fined or be put into jail. Following a lady or stalking is illegal and unacceptable in Dubai. Thus, I consider it relatively safer than Japan. 


#Be careful of your words

Swearing or any vulgar languages are considered obscene acts. The offenders will be fined or be put into jail for  30 days in Dubai. Many foreigners have been put into jail for making improper bold comments.


Dress Code in Dubai for Men and Women 

For women, you do not have to cover your heads and faces in public. But, tight and/or low-cut t-shirts are improper options. Long-skirts below knee length are preferred. Tops with deep necklines and low-cut tops are prohibited.Avoid the outfit that exposes too much of your body and see-through material is not allowed. Avoid wearing clothes with offensive logos or slogans here. You are allowed to wear swim shorts on the beach, poolside or at water parks. 


Since it is a Muslim country, it is best to remain covered from the shoulder to the knees. Violating dress code here might be put into jail for one month.


When visiting a Mosque, it is best to remain covered from shoulder to knees to show your respect for  UAE culture. Headscarves for women are required too. When visiting a Mosque, men are required to wear long trousers.


Women are expected to wear knee-length skirts or full-length loose trousers. Tops or t-shirts should cover the upper arm of their body.  Avoid any clothes that expose too much of your body or curves are improper here. Again, see-through material is prohibited. 


It may be considered weird for men to wear shorts. Cycling shorts can be a risky option, which may cause warnings from the local authorities.  


If you are using prescribed drugs, plz carry a doctor’s subscription and you need to confirm with the authorities beforehand.


# Religion 

Muslims are expected to pray five times a day. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims will fast from dawn to sunset. Smoking in public places during daylight hours is also forbidden. Non-Muslims will be punished by law for breaking these rules.



The locals believe that the left hand is used for hygiene purposes. You’d better keep your feet flat on the ground rather than crossing your legs.

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