DO NOT HURT THE ONE WHO HURT YOU: Vengeance is But a Foolish Idea

DO NOT HURT THE ONE WHO HURT YOU: Vengeance is But a Foolish Idea

They don’t deserve your attention and energy.

Your time is too precious and valuable.

Vengeance is contagious and detrimental. It consumes much of your attention and damages your healthy brain cells. It impairs your rationality and it stops you from being concentrated on what you should focus. It keeps you from doing the right things. Negative thinking injures your cells consciously or not.

As your mind trapped in the idea of vengeance, you would become an angry person, and people who love you deeply are those who see you drowning in pain. In a sense, as you harbor the thoughts of vengeance, you are punishing yourself and your loved ones around you. If you are a person who is essentially nice, you can never execute the bad thoughts in your mind. I love a saying that “Vengeance leads to bad decisions, and bad decisions lead to bad consequences.”

If someone is terrible as a devil, Satan will be his friend and God will publish him with justice sooner or later. The only thing you can do is take good protection of yourself and stay away from him or keep a good distance with him. God will do you justice. We are not given the rights to publish the bad guys.

As you tend to hurt someone who hurt you, you have to pay for it. And if you do it improperly, you might get punished by law or God. In a sense, you sacrifice your life or ruin your life for a bad guy. That’s not wise. For whatever reason, that’s a foolish idea to bury your future for a jerk. They don’t even deserve your attention and time.

Most people misjudged someone and get betrayed by someone. It’s never too late to see through the inner side of someone. Never too late.

Anger is harmful to brain cells and it works efficiently. Forego the idea of vengeance out of self-love and self-protection. If you intend to hurt the one who hurt you, you will make foolish decisions. Do not let your anger cloud your rationality. We should never lose our rationality for jerks or frenemies. Any decision and behavior made without the rationality result in disastrous consequences, no exception.

I love the lines in TV Series Revenge “ The best revenge is a massive success.” Make your life bountiful. Chase after anything that comforts you and guarantees your sense of satisfaction.


Wise Library 1985

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