How to deal with Unfriendly, Rude or Offensive People Effectively

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

How to deal with Unfriendly, Rude or Offensive People? Countless people are extremely bothered and confused about how to deal with people who are being offensive to them for no reason.
What if people despise you or ignore you for the sake of your background, sexual orientation or job title?

There are many other people out there who are unsatisfied with their life. They just being upset with their life and everything around them can’t please them. Their unhappiness, depression or anger has nothing to do with you, but themselves.

There are people who aren’t going to like you for sure. And it doesn’t have anything to do with you. If you are extraordinary in appearance or academic performance, you are will likely to incur jealousy or bitter enviousness indeed.

The following are the possible solutions for your reference.
1. You don’t have to isolate him or her. f your emotion is highly affected, keep distance with him or her for the moment. You gotta looking after your feelings first before you are able to give. Thus, make sure you are happy and contented in mind.
2. Jesus did not ask us to everyone’s friends.
3. Do not harbor anger towards them. It wastes your energy.
4. Jesus wasn’t just ignored. He was accused, persecuted and his name was stigmatized. keep on persevering goodwill at heart. Don’t get affected. ! You will be rewarded in life or in Heaven!
5 Ask for God’s help and ask God to move them out of your social circles or out of your mind.


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Evidently, silence or ignorance  is not a good response to people’s offensive remarks. 

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