Calcium is a superfood to fight against stress and depression.  

Calcium is a superfood to fight against stress and depression.


As most people know, calcium decidedly important nutrition to help you keep strong teeth and bones.

  1. But few people know that calcium proves to be a nature sedative with calming and relaxing benefits. With sufficient calcium in your body, it can also much lower your pain level when you undergo dental treatment or baby delivery.

Further, calcium proves to be more effective than acetaminophen in long-term pain reduction in orthodontic treatment.

  1. Studies also found that those who suffer from depression and anxiety are deficient in calcium. There are also studies found that less calcium you consumed in diets, the more depressed you are. Also, those who do not get enough vitamin B will suffer from anxiety and depression more easily than others.

In conclusion: calcium is able to relief your emotional and physical pain effectively.

Attention1: The body is able to absorb and utilize calcium only with the company of fat.

As everybody knows, milk is a good source of calcium. Nevertheless, the calcium in skim milk is essentially a waste unless you add some other sources of fat simultaneously. For instance, you have skim milk coupled with a piece of toast with butter. Green smoothies with salad and teaspoon of flax oil are recommended to ensure good calcium absorption for a healthy breakfast.

Attention2: Without exercise, calcium intake would be useless.

Studies found that without exercise, you are not able to keep calcium in your body. In other words, those who take a calcium supplement every single day would not be exempt from the risk of osteoporosis if they do not do exercise at all.

Notes: An adult need around 1000 mg of calcium each day. sources of calcium: dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, dark leafy greens, sardines, flax seeds, almond, soy products, sesame seeds, etc.

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