Devastating Bushfire in Australia have Wiped Out 80% of Koalas’ Natural habitat

As bushfire rages across Australia, the devastating bushfire has wiped out 80% of koalas’ natural habitat that 2.5 million acres have burned in New South Wales alone. The Australian Koala Foundation estimates that over 1,000 koalas have already been killed in the fires. As koalas tend to climb up to treetops during the fire, there was no way out. 


With deforestation a major problem, koalas have a low population in the wild with less than 80,000 back in May. Thus, any researchers claim that koalas are now functionally extinct because the numbers of koalas have dropped so low that they fail to contribute significantly to their ecosystem.



Eucalyptus trees are cut down and koalas suffer from starvation. Because of an increase in droughts, the remaining leaves of the eucalyptus trees are too dry to provide sufficient hydration for koalas.  After the fires subside, it will take months for eucalyptus trees to grow back, which means that koalas have a great chance to be on the brink of extinction. 


One thing is for certain—the numbers of koalas are in steep decline. In light of the news, calls have been made for the government to enact the Koala Protection Act.


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據《半島電視台》(Al Jazeera)報導,澳洲大火至今已經讓600萬公頃土地遭焚燒,焚燒面積約等同兩個比利時,至少有1300間住家遭到大火毀壞,同時更有大量野生動物及人類飼養的飼養的動物死亡。

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