Is Dating Violence a Universal Crime? Breakup Strategy|How to Make Your Terrible Boyfriend Break up With You?

Is Dating Violence a Universal Crime?

As reported by social media, about one in three high school students have been in an abusive relationship. 40% of teenage girls assert that their peers have been hit or beaten by a boyfriend. 67% of teens never tell anyone that they are in abusive relationships, not even their best friend.

A survey of 500 young women aged from 15 to 24 found that 60% were currently involved in an ongoing abusive relationship.

Teen dating violence includes any form of sexual, physical, and/or verbal or emotional abuse.


The common warning signs of the abuser

  1. Be jealous and possessive toward you and keep checking up on your whereabouts on a daily basis to an unreasonable extent.
  2. Lose temper for no reason or yell at you for little stuffs.
  3. Press you to have unsafe sex purposely, or being aggressive during sex without wearing a condom, or being self-centered and dominating during sex.
  4. Belittle your achievements or accomplishments to make him feel good.
  5. Belittle people around you, including your friends and honor his friends instead.
  6. Attempts to manipulate your life decisions by repetitive persuasion.
  7. Slanders about his ex
  8. Comparing you and his ex by giving you a bad credit without the intention to break up with you.
  9. Give you any forms of physical harm, including slapping.


How to Make Your Obsessive or Abusive Boyfriend Break up With You?

Having a safe and peaceful breakup is a tough course. And having a breakup with someone you cohabit with is relatively more troublesome and problematic. When you guys live together, there are lots of issues to deal with, including finance consequences and dignity issues. You may have pets to determine custody of and you guys have to work on the lease and other stuff.


Breakup violence and breakup crime are common issues. Here are some strategies for your reference.

# Rule 1: Do not raise up the idea of break up. It might put you in danger. Generally, obsessive men hold their dignity high. They take frustrations properly. End this relationship peacefully is what matters.

# Rule 2: Do not make him jealous. Don’t flirt with anyone. Do not have a close connection with other male friends before you cut this relationship.

# Rule 3: Do anything that makes him lose interest in you. Let out lots of negative emotions repeatedly. But never irritate him. Be cynical about everything around you. But claim your love to him. Be obedient to him. Once again, do not irritate him. Be lazy, silly and cynical. It works.

In most cases, men dislike dirty, overly talkative woman and gossip girls. Further, men can’t bear women who keep complaining all the time. It takes wisdom and mischiefs to end a dangerous relationship. Don’t flush the toilet as you use his bathroom. Do not any makeup whenever he’s with you. Always tell him that you feel sad and exhausted. Keep complaining and criticizing all of your female friends and family members. Never share any good news or joys to him. Tell him that you consider quitting your job. He will get annoyed or bored with your existence. All of the aforementioned behaviors are the things that can drive someone away from your life. Do it repeatedly over and over again. Call him at midnight tell him that you have worries in mind that you can’t fall asleep. Keep sending him hundreds of msg on a daily basis. Ask him if you look fat or old repeatedly on a daily basis. Men hate these boring questions. It helps him get tired of you. Criticize everyone harshly without compassion in front of him, including people around him. But tell him how much you love him. Remember, do not irritate him. Keep complaining about everything about your life. Be selfish, self-important and self-centered. Do sill talks. Repeat your unpleasant experiences over and over again. Don’t stop it. Be super attentive to your female friends and his friends when you meet them in person. He will hold grudge against you. It doesn’t matter. Don’t stop until hi disappear in your life. Show the worse side of you as much as possible.

How to Get Rid of an “Obsessive Ex” Without Harm? 

Emily Silverstein date with her schoolmate Kevin Schaeffer, who is two years senior to her. Like many relationships, their love relationship began to drift apart. Silverstein is the one who made the decision to end the relationship. But, Schaeffer became even needier after the breakup and he demanded to see where she was with multiple voicemails. His obsessive disposition is assured. Silverstein never told any friends of  Schaeffer’s physical violence. three weeks after their breakup, Silverstein was brutally murdered when he visited him at his house.[2] Don’t meet your ex after the breakup if he’s being obsessive after breakup conversations. By doing so, you put yourself in danger without awareness.

Nate Fujita aims to persuade his girlfriend Lauren Astley to stay with him many times after she attempted to end the relationship. Fujita descended into a deep depression after the breakup and his mother implored Lauren to come over to his place and talk to him. She arrived at his place after getting off her work shift. The next morning, her body was found in a marshy area off the road.

▲He Didn’t Want His Ex to Be Someone Else’s GF

Sarah Coit was a 23-year-old Lacoste employee who was highly regarded by her friends and family. Her BF Barrera was enraged about her proposal of the breakup, and he didn’t want her to be other men’s GF. [3]

▲Stalker EX

Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias began dating for about four months, but they stayed “friends with benefits” for a while after their breakup. However, Alexander began seeing another woman and Arias was so jealous that she had slashed his tires and his girlfriend received harassing emails from an anonymous sender. One day, Alexander’s friends found him dead in his bathtub.[4]

[1] Tag: date rape, sexual assaults, domestic violence

[2] Schaeffer choked her and stabbed her with a knife in the throat.

[3] She was stabbed so many times that the knife broke off in her skull.

[4] Arias was found guilty in 2008, but it took seven years, two juries, and three million dollars before an appropriate sentence was found: life without the possibility of parole.


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