Better diet better life Start from the Right breakfast

Better diet, better life: Start from the Right breakfast

Start your day from a healthy balanced nutritious breakfast.

7 recommended breakfast options


If you are those who suffer from constipation. No worries, Food with rich water-soluble fiber can easily solve your problem. Food with rich water-soluble fiber including fungus, carrot, loofah, melon, cucumber, and large cucumbers. Mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and other mushrooms all have a high percentage of water-soluble dietary fiber. Also, most fruits have rich water-soluble fiber. Additionally, natto, kelp, kelp buds, seaweed and taro, and okra are all rich in water-soluble fibers.


1.assorted Vegetable juice. it is recommended to make a healthy vegetable juice without filtering.

 2.taro red bean milk.

Taro is a superfood which good for the health of the stomach.

Red beans are alkaline food, which is also helpful to relieve the symptom of GERD. Additionally, red bean water can reduce the problem of edema. As for me, I personally love to add red bean, black bean, taro and sweet potato, each in small amounts with sugar or honey. Perfectly delicious.

3.Seaweed tofu soup.

According to Chinese medicine theory, black foods are good for the condition of the kidney. Tofu is also one of the good sources of calcium supplementation. Besides, tofu is the source of vegetable lecithin. Choline in lecithin is an essential ingredient to convey and save information in the brain.

4.Black bean powder drink

As aforementioned, black food is good for the health of the kidney, which can also avoid or lower the likelihood of getting white hair.

Attention: black beans are acidic foods. Therefore, people with severe acid reflux should be temporarily avoided.

5.As to the foods for the breakfast, papaya and fully ripe banana are good options. According to Chinese medicine theory, most fruits are cold fruits by its essence, but

Papaya and banana are neutral foods, which means there are extremely moderate. Papaya enzymes are decidedly good for the stomach (modern people have high psychological pressure, many stomachaches, and papayas are good).

Papaya enzyme do help digestion and absorption

Papaya contains a variety of sugars, vitamins, papaya, and papaya enzymes.

papaya enzyme is able to help protein which is 35 times heavier than itself. Eat papaya after a meal makes protein and fat far easier to digest and absorb.

Papaya enzyme has a detoxifying effect, can relieve diphtheria and tetanus, and even dissolve the pus of purulent sputum, and it also has a curative effect on burns, hemorrhoids and stubborn atopic dermatitis. Papaya enzymes is able to break down fat and also decompose neutral fat and cholesterol in blood vessels.

Papaya has anti-oxidant substances, which promises anti-cancer and

anti-tumor effect. It contains antioxidants such as vitamin A, β-carotene and lycopene, all of which is able to inhibit the anti-oxidation effect of cancer.

Papaya contains a variety of fiber and tartaric acid phenol which can resist the formation of nitrous acid and prevent cancer. Papaya is good for the skin, which can promote the metabolism of skin tissue with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.


▲Other options:

Apple has pectin to regulate gastrointestinal bacteria, and it has vitamin C to resist oxidation, and its flavonoids are able to fight against cancer.

Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium ions. It can regulate blood pressure and prevent sputum. Banana also has serotonin, which can resist depression and avoid insomnia.

6.avocado milk

Avocado provides the best option of good fat.

Avocado, known as butter fruit. Some people call avocado a “cream in fruit”, which is mostly composed of oils and fats. It is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is able to lower bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol.

The fat in avocado is absolutely much healthier than red meat and butter.

Most people obtained fat by flesh, cooking oil, such as various vegetable oils, or the oil in the seasoning.

Fat in animals is saturated fat, which is bad for cardiovascular health. On the other hand, the oils used for cooking are over-processed refined oil, which barely has any nutrition.

As to food classification, avocado is classified as a fatty food. Avocado has a high-fat content that 74% of avocado’s calories come from fat.

The main nutrients provided by fruits are sugars, but avocados contain low sugar content. Thus, avocado can be valued as the best fruit for the diabetics

Most fruit contains 0.1 to 0.2 grams of fat per 100 grams, but avocado contains 5.9 to 7.8 grams of fat per 100 grams.

Attention: The older and softer avocado have the higher the nutritional value.


7.Paste Toast or bread with sesame sauce and peanut butter.

If we simply paste sugar-free sesame sauce, the taste is not tempting, thereby the combination of sesame sauce with peanut butter makes a perfect balance. Black sesame has much higher calcium than white sesame. But, sugar-free black sesame tastes no good for me. And the sugary black sesame paste on the market often adds too much sucrose.

Whether it is black sesame or white sesame, both have rich vitamin E. Vitamin E is an important element to repair your body.


Peanut butter has rich vitamin B, which can prevent from chapped lips. Peanut butter is usually processed, which contains excessive sugar and would be a burden to our body. If your body or skin is inflamed, it is recommended to avoid the peanut butter for the moment. It’s a good idea to add a few nuts or pollen to the breakfast as well.


Other recommended high-nutrition options: pickles (with many probiotics), burdock, tomato scrambled eggs, pumpkin soup, grain soup with milk, cocoa powder, five-color fried rice (the combination of carrot silk, mushrooms, onions, garlic and eggs)


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