Best-Selling Books on Amazon “You can only find out what you actually believe by watching how you act. ” 

#2:Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Yuval Noah Harari
These Were the Top 20 Best-Selling Books of 2018
  • Becoming – 3.4 million.
  • Magnolia Table – 1.3 million.
  • Girl, Wash Your Face – 1.2 million.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid #13: Meltdown – 1.1 million.
  • Fire and Fury – 1 million.
  • The Wonky Donkey – 973,000.
  • Fear – 972,000.
  • Dog Man and Cat Kid – 716,000.


  1. #1. The Eighth Sister: A Thriller (Charles Jenkins… Robert Dugoni. …
  2. #2. Inheriting Edith: A Novel. Zoe Fishman. …
  3. #3. Her Last Word. Mary Burton. …
  4. #4. The Orphan Daughter. Cari Noga. …
  5. #5. Nimona. …
  6. #6. Fool Me Once (First Wives Book 1) …
  7. #7. Cold Waters (Normal, Alabama Book 1) …
  8. #8. The Overdue Life of Amy Byler.


Between 50 million and 100 million copies
Book Author(s) Genre
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J. K. Rowling fiction: fantasy (novel)
The Alchemist Paulo Coelho fiction: fantasy (novel)
The Catcher in the Rye J. D. Salinger fiction: realistic fiction, coming-of-age fiction
Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill non-fiction


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