Best LGBTQ Films of All Time

Sorry Angel 【喜歡你、愛上你、逃離你】

上映時間: 2019 年 2 月 15 日 (美國)
導演: 克里斯多福·歐諾黑
劇本: 克里斯多福·歐諾黑
提名紀錄: 金棕櫚獎、最佳女演員獎、 最佳男演員獎、 評審團大獎、 最佳導演獎、坎城影展評審團獎、坎城影展最佳劇本獎
製片: David Thion, 菲力毗·馬丁

「LGBT 」意思?


Carol Aird: Harge and I never spend New Year’s Eve together. Always a business function. Always clients to entertain.

Therese Belivet: I always spend New Year’s alone. In crowds.

Therese Belivet: I’m not alone this year.

Therese Belivet: Have you ever been in love with a boy?

Richard Semco: No.

Therese Belivet: But you’ve heard of it.

Richard Semco: Of course. I mean, have I heard of people like that? Sure.

Therese Belivet: I don’t mean people like that. I just mean two people who fall in love with each other. Say, a boy and a boy. Out of the blue.

Richard Semco: I don’t know anyone like that. But I’ll tell you this: there’s always some reason for it, in the background.

Therese Belivet: So you don’t think it could just… happen to somebody. To anybody.

Richard Semco: No. I don’t. What are you saying? Are you in love with a girl?

Therese Belivet: No.

Carol Aird: I never looked like that.

Carol Aird: Now what happened with Therese… I wanted. And I will not deny it.

Carol Aird: What you do on Sundays?

Therese Belivet: Nothing in particular. What do you do?

Carol Aird: Nothing lately. Maybe you’d like to come visit me some time. You’re welcome to. At least there’s some pretty country around where I live. Would you like to come visit me this Sunday?

Therese Belivet: Yes.

Carol Aird: What a strange girl you are.

Therese Belivet: Why?

Carol Aird: Flung out of space.

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Therese Belivet: I never asked you for anything. Maybe that’s the problem.

Therese Belivet: Why do you hate me? I haven’t done anything to you.

Abby Gerhard: You really think I’ve flown halfway across the country to drive you back East because I hate you and want to see you suffer?

Therese Belivet: It’s for Carol. Not for me.

Abby Gerhard: That is…

Therese Belivet: With you and Carol, what happened?

Abby Gerhard: It’s completely different. I’ve known Carol since I was ten years old.

▲Sarah Paulson as Abby Gerhard in “Carol”


▲Japanese Drama “Transit Girls” 日劇《Transit Girls/百合之戀》的劇情:父母再婚,A和B生活在同一屋簷下。從一開始針鋒相對,到慢慢產生感情…..




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