5 Best British Movies on Netflix (2009- 2018)

Content Writer:  Margaret W. Lavigne

Riot Club (film, 2014) 

Riot Club is a long-established exclusive drinking club priding itself on hedonism. The audience are able to observe the life of the so called elite society. The film title is translated into 《高富帥俱樂部》in Chinese. 



  • Sam Claflin as Alistair Ryle, his brother Sebastian was considered a ‘legendary’ member of the Riot Club. Alistair is politically right. 
  • Max Irons as Miles ‘Milo’ Richards. His father is probably an Earl, Viscount, Baron or Life Peer. Miles is politically left.
  • Douglas Booth as Harry Villiers, coming from a well-off family. 
  • Jessica Brown Findlay as Rachel, daughter of Chris, being a waitress at pub.
  • Holliday Grainger as Lauren,  coming from a middle class/working class family 
  • Freddie Fox as James Leighton-Masters, the president of the club
  • Ben Schnetzer as Dimitri Mitropoulos
  • Natalie Dormer as Charlie, an escort hired by Harry.[9]
  • Sam Reid as Hugo Fraser-Tyrwhitt, coming from a aristocratic family,  but not financially well-off.Hugo is homosexual, and he habors affection in Miles.
  • Tom Hollander as Jeremy Villiers MP, Harry’s uncle 
  • Jack Farthing as George Balfour, a ‘country gentleman’ from an old aristocratic landowning family. George displays enthusiastic knowledge in farming and hunting
  • Olly Alexander as Toby Maitland
  • Josh O’Connor as Ed Montgomery


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Agatha Christie & the Truth of Murder (Film, 2018) 

The story is set in the 1920s. The female writer Agatha Christie finds her writing inspiration is in trouble and her faithless husband pushes her for a divorce. Meanwhile, A woman named Mabel Rogers shows up in her life with purposes, asking for help to investigate a murder case. 




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An Education (Film, 2009) 

It’s about a talented innocent female student being allured and deceived by a eloquent married man. She considers giving up her studies to marry well and enjoy life without digesting tons of studies at school. After experiencing the life of partying around, she is unwilling to bury her youth in dull tedious studies. 


The King’s Speech (film, 2010) 

When King George VI ascends to the throne, he defeats his stammer problem with the help of a speech therapist in a unusual way and it turns out to be remarkably effective. I do believe  a person’s confidence level may highly affect his oral performance.  King George VI is born to be great in social position. Nevertheless, he cannot run away from his weakness for being a King. 


One Day (film, 2011) 

The film is  directed by Lone Scherfig, and starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. The movie script was adapted by David Nicholls from his novel of the same title. Do you believe in friendship between men and women?I would say, the most solid friendship between men and women usually involved hidden unrevealed affection.  







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