Top-Rated Animation for Children

Russian Awarded Animation: Masha and The Bear 


The animated “Masha and the Bear” is produced by Moscow-based Animaccord Animation Studio. The animation debuted in 2009.  A  circus bear plans for a quiet peaceful retired life in the woods until he encounters the mischievous little girl Masha. The episodes depict the adventures of Masha and how her father-like friends keep her life out of trouble. 


The project’s director Denis Chervyatsov asserts that they wanted to show “the relationship of adults and children not in didactic, but in a comic form.”He revealed that leady lady Masha was based on a real person.


The project’s artistic director, Oleg Kuzovkin encountered an ingenious active little girl on the beach who easily walked up to a stranger and play chess with him. The little girl even picked up his flippers. The creators take storylines for episodes from their real life. ” Chervyatsov reveals that “Even the animators copy the behavior of their own or friends’ children, just like the scriptwriters do.”

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