Avril Lavigne 好聽到爆炸的”非主打歌”推薦

艾薇兒(Avril Lavigne)主打歌當然好聽,但你錯過了她很多可以瘋狂倒帶的非主打歌?

 1   Falling Into History  

 Don’t matter what people say I never did believe them

不論人們怎麼說 我從來都只是聽聽罷了 
I know, I know they know everything

I’ll be alright by myself.And no one’s gonna tell me
我會自己好好的過下去 不會有人告訴我該怎麼過

I’m defined confined by love 

Now our days seems strange
I guess my heart was bound to change 

I fell out, out of you and me 
You’re fading from view
And you’re falling into history

X 2

I never thought that I’d say that I don’t really miss you
都未想過我會說: 我真的不想你

I lived, I breathed your breath through me

Time has a way of passing by 
Until I don’t remember why or how to hurt for you 
直到我忘了我為何因你而受傷 又如何因你而傷

Love’s pain has gone somewhere
And I’m finally hanging it there 


Falling into, falling into, you’re falling into history
X 2


一如以往我一篇文章一定要放到滿出來~關鍵字是吃到飽的概念= xx= 

百聽不膩英文歌前三名一定有我從以前到現在的最愛~ 加拿大創作歌手艾薇兒

2  Tomorrow You Didn’t 分手英文情歌推薦。

It’s a forgone conclusion, you’re love’s an illusion
and the picture is starting to fade
boy let’s be honest, when it comes to your promise
it’s just a lot of empty words you say
and the future’s only gonna be more of the same
you’ve only got yourself to blame

Tomorrow you didn’t, yesterday you won’t
’cause I know everything you say you gonna do you don’t
that’s a given, it doesn’t matter anyway
hey, I know what love wasn’t, I know what love isn’t
so when you say you’re gonna change you gotta be kidding
tomorrow you didn’t,
hey hey, I’m outta here today

I used to believe in, all your romantic dreaming
but it really ain’t that cute anymore
’cause my time’s to precious
so I wish you the best with
whatever it is you’re looking for
baby this is all for your own good,
I’m leaving ’cause I know you never would

I don’t need a crystalball to see it all my dear,
it doesn’t matter what you say,
it always turns out the same way
your predictions are fiction
and it’s tragically clear


3.Avril Lavigne – Hush Hush [Lyrics]

4.Avril Lavigne – How You Remind Me 分手英文情歌推薦

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