電影 BJ單身日記 電影台詞

I am going to arragne a lovely car to come and pick you up.
You have to travel alone, travel in style.
Good. Good start.
Oh, well, here we go.
Trying hard to fight off a vision of Mum and Auntie Una in fishnet tights.
Oh, holy gesus.
Where are the other tarts and vicars?
Where’s this chap of yours?
Off they run.
What on earth are you wearing?You look like common prostitute.
Yes, that was actually the point.
Have you spoken to my dad?
She was very frightened. She has only just had her ovaries done.
Didn’t tell you either?
The way she looked at me.
You love each other. This is only a temporary glitch.

Shame you couldn’t bring your boyfriend.
Is he a friend of yours, Mark?

I hope he’s good enough for our little Birdget.
I’m sure he’d say the same about yoNu, given your past behavior.
I think you know what I mean.
I just really, really wanted to see a friendly face.
I tell you what, I have an idea. ***
I am going mad.
Listen, I am feeling really bad, actually. ( I should have been there.)***
At least I got a lot of work done.
I was hoping that you would want to be a part of it.
Listen, this is totally insane.***
The male penetrates the female and leaves. Coitus is brief and perfunctory. ***
For the female, all there is to do is wait and wait.
I feel terrible.
No, you’ll have to fill me in. ****
We’re two people of a certain age looking for the moment to commit and finding it really hard.
She flew in yesterday.
No, I got to know her pretty well when we were in the New York office together.
There’s no easy way to say thing, but…
I wanted you to be the first to know that…
At times like this, continuing with one’s iife seems impossible.
I have two choices: to give up and accpet permanent state of spinsterhood and eventual eaating by Alsatians.
or not, and this time I choose not.
I will not be defeated by a bad man and an American stick insect.
Instead, I choose vodka.
Latin music is on its way out.
Fair enough. Start Monday. We will see how we go.
No one ver gets sacked for shaggin’s the boss.
That’s a matter of principle.
There’s no need to leave.
They want me to start straight away.
Just hold it right there.
I am gonna fire her bony little bottom anyway for being totally spineless.
perhaps for personal reason has been slightly overlooked perfessionally.
That is very good to know.
just sod off.
It’s bonefire night, and we are on fire.
Excellent. An national laughingstock.
Lots of smug, married couples.
Not in your bunny girl outfit today? (bunny: 兔子)
How’s your love life?

chappie 傢伙(oral)
Never dip your nib in the office ink. (nib 尖頭)
You really ought to hurry up and get sprogged up, old girl.
Time’s running out. Tick-tock.
I am delighted to hear it.
I already feel like an idiot most of the time anyway….
I like you very much just as you are.
I want a hardheaded interview.
The gov want to extradite him home where he’ll be certainly executed.
So what are you waiting for.
Nothing can distract me from the pursuit of truth.
You like me just the way I am.
I like to think so.
I just panicked.
Dumped me when she realized I han’t got over you.
I’ve missed you a lot.
It’s about time you and I put the past behind us, don’t you.

I will shin you.
Whose side are we on?
wanker. 傻瓜 討厭鬼(英)
I’m not willingto gamble my whole life on someone who’s…not quite sure. ****
It’s like you said: I’m still looking for something…more extraoridnary than that.


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