Best and Unforgettable Ted’s Talks: Ideas Worth Spreading (Popular speeches)

韓國女演員朴敏英Min Young Park (박민영) 


Ted’s Talk 
Amy Webb: How I hacked online dating 
tags: picky, strategy,peer pressure, 
1. Strategy= Least Eexpect 
Variable= Serendipity 
2. What’s the probability of bumping into Mr. Right?

 Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend
Tags: stress beliefs, social stress test, cope with pressure, human connection 
oxytocin (
腦下垂體後葉的一種荷爾蒙/催產素/縮宮素: stress hormone ), appreciation for stress 
stressful job, non-stressful job ,stress reduction

1. Change your mind about stress 
2. How you think about stress matters. 
3. How you think and how you act can transform your experience of stress. 


Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Tags: posture, wink, hand shake, non-verbal, 
communication, interaction, judgements, 
power dynamics, animal kingdom, pride, 
wrap ourselves up
Amanda Palmer: The art of asking


Tags: self-employed, street performer, freaks, 
intense contact, profound encounter, beautiful moments, 
predictable income

Kelly McGonigal: Controlling Our Willpower 

tags: self-control, willpower, temptation 
I have confession to make.


Winter Outfit Ideas, winter trend, winter clothing, Fall and winter wear,winter style, winter fashion tips, heavy winter jacket


winter coats,




佐佐木 Sasaki Nozomi, Japan fashion icon


Leading lady/ leading character:


celeb fashion, recommended lists


paris fashion, collection, archive, runway, stylesight, catwalk, best dressed




Goo Ha-ra,:??,本名:???具荷拉 整型範本


Michelle Obama dress designer Jason Wu …


Serena van der Woodsen:


穿搭部落客 穿搭技巧 穿搭法 穿搭交學


fashion spot, fashion police, fashion closet, fashion wardrobe, fashion style,


Korean style and Japanese style, magazine sytle




wedding gowns, bridal gowns, japanese wedding dresses


Brides Magazine: Wedding Dress


floral skirt, how to wear, where to buy, outfit ideas, vintage, new look


Street Style: Black and White Floral Skir


floral skirt wedding dress, Dramatic Floral Bridal Gowns …




17 Fluorescent-Colored Fashions, vivi, Japanese style and Korean style


Jason Wu’s Sexy, Feminine Collection …


Girl’s Generation 少女時代雜誌穿搭 徐賢 允兒 潤額 徐玄


gossip girl 日語關建字


fashion 日語關建字


Emma Watson Red Carpet Dresses


Blair Waldorf




The Best and Worst of the Oscars’ Red Carpet


Celebrities and starlets


Maternity Wear


Celebrity Style – ELLE




The Best Oscars Red Carpet Looks




Fujii Rina. 藤井莉娜College Fashion




key words: 皮外套穿搭 皮褲穿搭 皮外套怎麼搭? The look of leather, catalina leather jacket


leather skirt, summer/ autumn/ care advice/ tips




Serena Van der Woodsen Looks Season 5 Episode 5




Blair Waldorf Looks Season 5 Episode 5

寫真 照片 劇照 桌布 電影 /pictures/photos/ wallpapers/ hot/ news/ style/ fashion/sexy/  drama/ leading lady. leading man/ profile

佐々木 希  Sasaki Nozomi,  日本流行教主


佐々木 希, ささき のぞみ

biography/imdb/生活照片 髮型 素顏 films/actress/image/scandal/beauty/美女正妹/twitter 好聽的歌 mv/ poster /summer best / soundtrack/portrait/ Celebrity Style



Serena Van der Woodsen Looks Season 5 Episode 5

Blair Waldorf Looks Season 5 Episode 5

司馬 儀




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