342.  You are what you used to be. 你還是跟以前一樣。

-I am not the girl that I was. 我已經不是過去那個女孩了。

- am not what I was ten years ago. 我已經不是十年前的我了。

- I am quite different from what I was ten years ago. 我已經和十年前大不相同了。

343.  I am a changed man. 我已經變了。
344.  I am emotionally unavailable.我心有所屬了。(意指雖然沒有交往的對象,但心已經屬於某個人了)★
345.  I am unavailable.我已經死會了。(表明非單身,意指有男女朋友或已婚)

unavailable adj.難以獲得的;不能利用的;得不到的;不可獲得的(that cannot be obtained),無法接近的,不在手頭的。unavailable 英文解釋:unable to get, see, meet or talk to

 -I’m afraid Mr.Johnny is unavailable now.對不起,強尼先生現在不在。 

ž -Such luxury items were unavailable to ordinary people.那樣的奢侈品一般人是不可能得到的。

▲如果想要婉拒別人的追求,請不要直接說:我不喜歡你,建議你說:I am not attracted to you, but we still can be friends. 我對你沒有意思,但我們還是可以當朋友。

346.  We had a hard time getting here. 我們好不容易才走到這裡。
347.  I am ready for another relationship. 我已經準備好進入另一段關係。★
348.  I am already in another relationship.我已經身處另一段戀愛關係。

349.  I will ask her out sometime. 我改天會約她出去。
sometime . 改天,哪一天;(今後)有一天。

※『sometimes』(頻率adv.) 有時候=at times= from time to time=(every) now and then=occasionally=on occasion(s)=once in a while

※『some times』(數量adv.) 好幾次= several times=a few times

●someday (adv.) : 將來; 有朝一日

-Someday we will know the truth. 有朝一日我們會知道真相。

- I will fulfill my promise someday. 將來有一天我會實踐我的諾言。

-I firmly believe that you will succeed someday. 我堅信你有朝一日會成功。

●some day (phrase.) 將來; 有朝一日

 -We must get together again some day. 有朝一日我們一定要再聚聚。

●one day (phrase.) 有一天

-One day, I bump into my ex-girlfriend on my way home. 有天我回家的路上巧遇前女友。

注意:someday 和some day兩者詞性不同

350.  Starting over is out of the question.不可能重新來過。

▲out of question 意思是: Beyond doubt, undoubtedly (毫無疑問) 但據說這個片語已經被許多老外認為是陳舊的(obsolete)的用法。out of the question 則屬於常見用法,意思是:因為太困難或不可能而不值得思考:或不可能。

351.  Keep in mind that there’s no perfect time to get married. 記住,沒有結婚的完美時間點。
352.  Men prefer to act as conquerors. 男生傾向當征服者。
 prefer  v. 偏好;傾向; 更喜歡; 寧可, 寧願
353.  Men are most intrigued by the hardest prey to get. 男生對於最難抓到的獵物最感興趣。
intrigue n. 陰謀; 詭計v. 密謀; 私通; 激起…的興趣; 用詭計取得
354.  I am going to ask her to the dance.我要去邀她跳舞。
355.  We keep fighting against each other on and on for hours. 我們持續吵了好幾個小時。

on and on 持續不停地。英文解釋: continue for a long time

356.  You just want to manipulate me.你只是想操控我。
manipulate  [mə’nɪpjəleɪt]v. 操縱,操作, 利用
357.  I am sick of being obedient. 我厭倦了順從。
obedient  adj. 服從的,順從的 
358.  He emotionally cheated on me.他精神出軌。 
  emotionally cheat 精神出軌;精神外遇

359.  It’s been hard times for both of them since they split up. 自從他們分手後,他兩個都很難熬。

hard time 艱困時期(a period of difficulties or hardship, especially financial hardship.)

▲give somebody a hard time 讓某人不好過:讓某人不好受 (to treat someone severely or make things difficult for someone; to make life difficult for someone)

split[splɪt] v.分裂;分開;<俚>(迅速)離開;被撞碎;<美>[證券](股票)增加發行

n.劃分;分歧;裂縫;劈叉360.  Love is an adventure. 愛是一場冒險。
361.  Words cut more than swords. 言語比刀劍更傷人。★
 cut在此解讀為: 傷害…的情感 (To injure the feelings of);刺痛
362.  Never say things you can’t take back. 不要說出收不回的話。 ★
 take back  收回
363.  I want to feel cared about. 我想要感受到自己被在乎。
364.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.情人眼裡出西施。
beholder  n.觀看者,旁觀者
365.  You didn’t care about any of it. 你一丁點都不在乎。

366.  Being Single is a choice. 單身是一種選擇。★

disrupt v. 擾亂某事物; 使陷入混亂, 妨礙

-Fog disrupted traffic. 大霧使交通陷入混亂。

367.  Is it time to call it quits? 是時候該喊停了嗎?★(適合提分手的台詞)

- I am not sure whether to call it quits. 我不確定該不該喊停。 

368.  Maybe I don’t deserve you. You deserve someone better.也許我真的配不上你,你值得更好的人。★
369.  He doesn’t deserve you. You can find someone better.他根本就配不上你,你可以找到更好的人。★
370.  We don’t match each other.我們兩個不適合;我們不配。★
371.  I still have feelings for you.我對你還有感情; 我對你還有感覺 (適用場合:挽留舊愛)★
372.  I know the feeling (= I know how you feel). 我了解你的感受。
373.  The feeling is mutual (= I feel exactly the same.) 我們兩個人的感覺是一樣的。
mutual[ˋmjutʃʊəl]  adj.共有的;共同的;相互的;彼此的
374.  Do not idealize love.不要把愛情理想化了。
idealize v. 使理想化
375.  Are you seeing anyone now? 你現在有約會的對象嗎?(詢問對方的感情狀態)★

-  I’m in love with you. 我愛上你了。

-  I’m infatuated with you. 我為你神魂顛倒。

- I fell in love with you at first sight. 我對你一見鍾情。

-  I can’t help falling in love with you. 我對你情不自禁。

- May I hold your hand? 我可以牽你的手嗎?

376.  Have a heart. 有點良心吧!★
377.  I’ve had enough.我受夠了。 ★
-  I’ve had enough of you. 我受夠你了。

379.  Your relationship isn’t going anywhere. 你們不會有結果。 ★
380.  I give you everything. 我給了你所有。(我給了你全部)。
381.  I desire to be with someone with a sense of humor.我跟一個有幽默感的人在一起。
 desire v.希望;渴望;要求;期望;願望
382.  I can’t help how I feel. I can’t help thinking about you.我無法克制我的感受。我禁不住想你。

ž   Can’t help but + 原型動詞  「不由得 ; 禁不住」

ž   can’t help + Ving    「不由得 ; 禁不住」

383.  Tom asked me out. 湯姆約我出去。
- If you really like him, then go for it. 如果你真的喜歡他,就去吧!

ž   go for it [非正式用語] to do anything you have to in order to get something

-Equivalent to “go ahead.”

384.  Do you get bored with me? 你對我感到乏味了嗎?★
385.  You will get bored with anyone sooner or later.你遲早會對每個人感到厭倦。

386.  Sometimes I really want is to hold you tight. 有時候我真的好想抱緊你。
387.  Sometimes I really want to be with you day and night. 有時候我真的好想日夜都跟你黏在一起。388.  My time is way too valuable to be wasted on you. 我的時間太珍貴,以至於不能浪費在你身上。

“too … to …”「太‧‧‧以致於不能‧‧‧」

ž   e.g. He is too young to go to school. 她還太小了,以致於還不能上學。

ž   e.g. It is too good to be true. 這好到不可能是真的。★

相關句型: “so … that …”  太….而

ž   The child is too young to go to school.→ The child is so young that he can’t go to school.

ž   It is too good to be true.→ It is so good that it can’t be true.

389.  We are going to make memories together. 我們將一起創造記憶。
390.  To make a lasting marriage we have to overcome self-centeredness. -George Gordon Byron要使婚姻長久,就需克服自我中心。(英國詩人,拜倫)
391.  Have you been cheating on me? 你曾經出軌嗎?★

cheat on someone →對愛人或伴侶不忠誠(unfaithful) ð通姦( commit adultery)

392.  Maybe he is just not that into me anymore. 也許他只是不再那麼喜歡我了。

-be into something [口語用法],意思是對某事務極度感興趣(to be very interested in something)

- I am really into jazz. 我很喜歡爵士。

393.  If you do care, you will listen to me. 如果你真的在乎,你會聽我說。★
394.  What can I do for you? 我可以為你做什麼?
395.  I suppose everyone loves to be admired.我推論每個人都喜歡被崇拜。
396.  We are stuck in the past.我們被困在過去。★

stick v.粘貼;張貼;插入;刺入 n.棍棒,棍枝;枝條;操縱桿;球棍

ž  stick to your principles.堅持你的原則。

說明: stuck: stick的過去式和過去分詞

397.  You cling onto him only because you are afraid of being alone. 你賴著他不放是因你害怕一個人。★
cling v.附著於,緊貼;抓緊或抱住;堅持; 依戀,依附於
398.  I kept getting the feeling that she didn’t like me as much as I liked her. 我一直感覺她愛我不像我愛她那麼多。
399.  I can’t stand the sight of a woman who is sad. 我沒有辦法看女人傷心。
400.  Don’t take her  efforts for granted. 不要把她的付出當作理所當然。
401.  I need time to heal. 我需要時間療傷。
402.  It was hard to let go of the person you loved most. 要對自己最愛的人放手很難。★
403.  Getting married is perhaps my life’s biggest decision so far. 結婚應該是我目前為止生命中最大的決定。
404.  Are you and Tom all right? 你和湯姆還好嗎?
-We’e having a thing. Same thing. No worries. …我們有點事,還是同一件事,無須掛心

† no worries 這個說法源自澳洲,等同於美國的用法 “ Don’t worry about that.”

ž   I’ll take care of it.No worries. 我會處理(解決),不用擔心。

405.  I did everything in my power to save our relationship.我盡了一切努力挽救我們的關係。
406.  I will take whatever I can to win her heart. 我會進一切可能贏得她的芳心。
-She is just not right for you. 她並不適合你。
407.  I will try to win her heart at all cost. 我會不計一切代價贏得她的芳心。
408.  I was dating a girl that I really liked. 我正在跟一個我真的很喜歡的女生約會。
409.  Men are attracted to the “ungettable,” they always want what they can’t have. 男生會被得不到的東西吸引,他們永遠想要他們得不到的東西。
  ungettable  adj. (oral)  not easy to reach; inaccessible
410.  I have never betrayed anyone in my life and I never will. 我生命中沒有背叛過任何人,而我也永遠不會。
411.  She is overly emotional. She freaks out over any little thing. 她太過於情緒化了。任何小事都會讓她歇斯底里。
412.  My greatest fear is to be in a relationship with a “compuslive liar.” 我最大的恐懼就是和一個慣性說謊者在一起。
413.  My girlfriend constantly gets annoyed at my bad habits. 我女友持續對我的壞習慣動怒。

annoy v. 1惹惱某人(通常是重複性的行為使某人生氣) 英文解釋:harass someone by repeated attacks.

414.  I had this belief that our love was strong enough to withstand all the struggles.我曾經相信我們的愛足夠讓我們對抗所有的困難。

withstand  v. 經得起; 承受得起; 耐得住

struggle v. 奮鬥; 使勁努力;奮力掙扎

struggle through (something) →to get through something in the best way possible.

415.  You have been such a huge part of my life. 你曾經占據我生命中一個很大的區塊。
416.  We are never getting back together. 我們絕對不會復合。(適用場合:傳達堅定的分手決心)★
417.  I have some friends kept my company after I broke up with him. 和他分手後我有一些朋友陪著我。
418.  We can only love someone worthy of our trust. 我們只能愛值得我們信任的人。★
419.  “The first kiss is the only real kiss in your relationship. The others are just protocols.”電影(Down to Earth) 只有初吻才是你們關係當中唯一真正的吻,其它的都只是草草敷衍了事。

protocol n. 1議定書;調查書。2. (條約等的)草案,草約。

420.  Repeat after me: “I am worthy of being loved.” 跟著我說『我值得被愛』。
421.  Go for it. 勇敢去追!
422.   “Trust is like a paper. Once it’s crumpled, it can’t be perfect again.” (Anonymous) 信任就像一張紙,一旦弄皺了,就不可能再完美了。(佚名)★
  crumple  v. 弄皺, 壓皺; (變皺)破裂;崩潰
423.  I miss you so badly. 我好想你。

▲很多人也說I miss you so bad. 《這句話其實不符合文法,但卻是老外普遍的口頭說法》如中文「這樣」縮寫為「醬」。

badly副詞(adv.),可修飾動詞,We played badly.我們打得很爛。

424.  I am not ready for a commitment yet. 我還沒有準備做出承諾。★
425.  You can’t change the past. 你無法改變過去。
426.  I am sure that I am not cut out for marriage我確定我不適合婚姻。★

cut out for someone/ something: 適合某事(suited for something)適合做某種事的人( to be the right type of person to do something)

427.  I couldn’t believe my ears at this.我不敢相信我的耳朵。
428.  It’s beyond my understanding. 這是我無法理解的。★

be beyond someone: 對某人來說太難理解或處理; 對某人而言不可能理解或不可能明白

429.  It’s beyond my control. 這已經不是我能控制的。
430.  Love requires patience and communication. 愛需要耐心和溝通。
  require  v. 需要, 要求, 命令
431.  Do little things for each other. 為彼此做些小事。
432.  I’d be there for you. 我會陪著你。
433.  He goes days without talking to me. 他好幾點沒有跟我說話。
434.  Don’t take things too seriously. 不要把事情看得太嚴重。
435.  Can too much sex have side-effects? 做愛太多會有副作用嗎?
436.  Hope our love would never fade with the passage of time. 希望我們的愛不會隨時間流逝而消退。★

fade v.(使)褪去,褪色; 失去光澤;逐漸消逝;衰退; 凋謝,衰老

the passage of time   時間的流逝

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