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Love Relationship Advice|How to Mend a Broken Heart?

  |Wise Library 1985 |Margaret W. Lavigne 


It’s a universal rule that there will be compensation. We give love and we desire to be loved. Chances are, some people can never return your affection and some people love you for no reasons. Every deed and everything you and I throw into the world will return. 

It’s Beautiful and Brave to Give Trust in relationships

Nobody can stay intact in socializing with others. Sometimes we get hurt. And we might be the ones who say mean words as we feel disappointed by others’ reactions, unfriendly glances or feedback. As to an unhealthy relationship, you always have the rights to leave or set your boundaries. End an abusive relationship no matter what. 

There’s nothing to blame for giving trust. Never. Those with a good heart will never predict betrayal or darkness from people around them or from whom they trust. 

12 Lessons for Everyone 

  1. deal with rejection/ betrayal in relationships. 
  2. deal with separation
  3. deal with variables in life
  4. the ability to believe in the goodness of human beings again
  5. the ability to give trust in others again
  6. find the gift behind challenges and trials in life 
  7. the courage to say no/ the courage to be disliked or excluded.
  8. the courage to end an unhealthy and abusive relationship out of self-love and self-respect
  9. Turn your life troubles into your duty and responsibilities to the world
  10. Suffering and compensation are and will be proportional. 
  11. Believe in God’s existence and God’s arrangement. 
  12. Voice for the weak and the needed. 
  13. Fight for a better world. 
  14. Never lose hope, kindness and enthusiasm no matter what. 


We Fall and we Grow

We suffer and we learn more about life. We fall and we learn to be compassionate and less judgmental. 

Take Advice from the Bible 

Be Tender and Be Brave

Some people do everything right and correct in a relationship that they are being tender, humble, responsible and compassionate. They are being perfect, but they do not receive the love and faithfulness they deserve.  Evidently, the training for them is to be brave. They have to be brave enough to end an unhealthy relationship, including an abusive relationship.  The lesson for them is self-love and self-respect. By valuing yourself, do not take improper treatment. Set boundaries and defend your principles out of self-love and self-respect. Again, be tender, brave and hopeful. Be patient for what you want out of life. You are generous to live and you are brave enough to end an unhealthy relationship. 


Keywords to build a healthy relationship

  • Seet boundaries. 
  • Defend your principles.
  • Voice your needs and wants.
  • Clarify what is negotiable and nonnegotiable. 
  • There’s reasonable anger and excessive anger. There’s reasonable sorrow and excessive sorrow. Set a deadline for your negative emotions. According to the Bible, God expects us to end our anger before the sun goes down. Negative emotions will make people a fool, so do vanity and pride. 


Minimize Your Loss

You lose nothing. You just get to know a hard truth you prefer not to know. Everyone has hard lessons in life. By minimizing your love and commitment, you minimizing your grievance and pain. By doing so, it will be easier for you to walk away from what you suffer. Perhaps, you don’t love the one who betrays your trust, you just seek mental dependence for the sake of loneliness. 

Be patient and be hopeful. Believe in God’s justice. Believe in a better future and a stronger wiser self. What Does the Bible Say About Dreams Coming True?


How to Find My Destiny?

Rule 1: Stop asking him does he loves you or not like a fool. Actions speak the truth. Thus, don’t ask. Just observe and feel.  Evaluate your love life on a regular basis. Does he deserve your love and affection? Does he value and cherish your love and commitment? Balance is the key. A love relationship can’t be stable if there’s a one-way route. Happiness and mutual respect are the foundations of a healthy and stable love life. Does he respect your career? Does he give mental support as you are vulnerable? What Does the Bible Say About Dreams Coming True?

If the man you’re in love with is not worthy of your love and time, you have to let it go. You have to end an unearthly toxic unhealthy relationship so as to receive a healthy relationship in the future. Habitual lies, cheating, and mean words are warning signs.

Keep becoming a better me is the best thing you can do for your future partner. Believe in God’s arrangment. Be tender,  be patient, and be hopeful. 


End an Abusive Relationship ASAP

A part of a healthy conscience is being able to confront consciencelessness. -Martha Stout, The Socipath Next Door

Take Relationship Advice from the Bible 

Margaret W. Lavigne: God is fair. Everyone will receive equal love from the world, either from their parents, friends, lovers, or even strangers or fans. Everyone will have hard lessons in life, including the righteous and chosen ones. What happened to you in your past are challenges and training from God. According to the Bible, those who earn the chance to win the ticket from heaven will have trials in life. If they pass the course from God, they will earn the chance to stay in heaven forever. God has to testify whether a righteous person can be righteous in any circumstance.


What I learn from the Bible, God disciplines those He loves so they can be qualified to visit heaven. For instance, a righteous person can be prideful or selfish. God wants to bring more people to heaven, but God has to select the chosen ones carefully. That’s why God tests the character of the chosen ones before God renders them the admission tickets to heaven (Psalm 11:5). That’s why the Bible says, “The Lord tests the righteous” (Psalm 11:5).


Evidently, the world is rife with temptations. Without God’s discipline, we might be allured by unduly desires, love of money or lust, all of which are included in the seven deadly sins. “The Lord disciplines the one he loves” to save him from temptation (Hebrews 12:6–10, Corinthians 10:13).

As we go through traumatic experiences, we gain a better understanding of our weaknesses, our excessive unduly desires and our top priorities in life. If we do not learn lessons from mistakes, we will end up repeating the mistakes. And history will repeat. 


The Bible makes it clear that the chosen ones will be “grieved by various trials,”[1] because the “genuineness” of faith will be tested and “by testing you may discern what is the will of God” (1 Peter 1:3-9, Romans 12:2).  Thus, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved” (2 Timothy 2:15). Remain tender, righteous, patient and hopeful in any circumstance.  


Again, we are living in a “dark world,” but do not succumb to the temptation of the world, such as the obsession of love of money (Ephesians 6:12-16, Romans 12:2).  The Bible says, “foolish and senseless people” have eyes “but see not” and they “have ears, but hear not” (Jeremiah 5:21). The world today is rife with traps and temptations and some righteous persons have gone astray. That’s why the Bible says, “Many are called, but few are chosen”(Matthew 22:14).  People fail to listen to God’s voice (Psalm 81:11). The Bible says, “declares the Lord, and when I spoke to you persistently you did not listen, and when I called you, you did not answer” (Jeremiah 7:13). It’s a commonplace thing that “people’s heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed” to God’s preaching (Matthew 13:15).[2] Self-seeking and apathy harden people’s heart.  Pride and conceit make people’s ears deaf. Greed blinds people’s visions.

[1] In the world, everyone will encounter tribulation. But take heart, because God has overcome the world (John 16:33). God is our “helper” so do not fear (Hebrews 13:5-6). God will help those who remain righteous in any circumstance. 


[2] In 2 Corinthians 3:14, it says people’s “minds were hardened. For to this day, when they read the old covenant, that same veil remains unlifted, because only through Christ is it taken away.” For those who abide by God’s will, they will surely find inner peace. For those who believe in God’s justice and God’s arrangement, they will hear Him.


Correct incorrect thoughts first. I believe in total immersion, if you want to change your future life, you have to reprogram your mind.  You have to unlearn all the negative gleam pessimistic bitter thoughts that were making you helpless and aggressive. Replace them with new hopeful positive thoughts. Believe in the possibility to have a wonderful life in the next decade. Powerful thoughts will turn things around. Be tender and be hopeful. Be humble and be grateful. Positive thought will bring peace and luck. Bitter thoughts will trigger troubles and tragedies. Anger will summon devils. Devils love the smile of anger. Be cautious. 

Margaret W. Lavigne:You and I are masters of our own destiny. Those who grow from a tough place will not be beguiled by a perfect vision of life. They know life and humanity better. Some of them might grow to be mentally stronger than their peers. That’s their strength and compensation if they are not controlled by old trauma or the faults of others. It’s a universal rule that suffering and compensation are and will be proportional. If the circumstances around you are terrible, you set boundaries. You will survive. Be tender and be brave, to us. 

Margaret W. Lavigne: Winners are not self-centred. Winners concern about the weak and the needed. Those who fail to give will never win for lack of luck from heaven. Those who live without faith are doomed to live in unshakable anxiety. God supervise everything and records everything, including every spoken word. 

The cause of Human’s Suffering

According to the Bible, the causes of human’s sufferings are selfishness, greed and hatred. Righteous persons are more likely to suffer from hatred. God records everything. Thus, stop recording the faults of others. What Does the Bible Say About Revenge?

  • You can’t receive equal love from your parents.→You will receive more love elsewhere if you do not torture yourself by holding on to anger and bitterness. 
  • You cant receive love and faithfulness from someone you love. →You deserve someone better and you will if you keep becoming a better me and stick to self-discipline, tenderness and self-love. Imagine what you want to be for the next decade and work on it. Find something that ignites your passion. Fall in love with yourself first.
  • Friend’s betrayal →Be friendly to all and trust a few. Value your trust and be brave. Accept your imperfections and you will be fearless and strong. 


Margaret W. Lavigne 


Margaret W. Lavigne 司馬儀

Life can be beautiful without perfection. There’s a strong link between unconditional love and posttraumatic growth. In truth, people only witness unconditional love during hard times. Unconditional love is found in imperfections. Imperfections teach us to be humble and compassionate. If you believe in miracles, be aware of the seven deadly sins and the power of tenderness. Earn approval and luck from God. According to the Bible, no one will be exempt from life challenges, including the chosen ones (1 Peter 1:3-9). God expects us to stay hopeful and “rejoice in our sufferings,” for “trials of various kinds” are training to make us “perfect and complete” (Romans 5:3-6, James 1:1-27). It’s comforting to know that “God promises to make something good out of the storm” (Roman 8: 28). We fall and we grow. There's a strong connection between unhealed trauma and a dysfunctional immune system. If you rush yourself to become a better me, that might be a sign of unhealed trauma. As we learn to humble ourselves, life gets better. The connection between the brain and stomach is bidirectional. Negative emotions and chronic stress sabotage people's immune system. 70% to 80% of our immunity hinges on our gut health. Memory loss and cognitive impairment are common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, all of which are highly connected to type 2 diabetes. Early signs of type 2 diabetes include chronic fatigue, irritability, frequent urination, vision problems, and slow wound healing. Depression is prevalent in people with diabetes due to the fact that diabetes causes “structural changes in the brain.” Muscle-building helps regulate blood sugar levels. There is growing evidence that high blood sugar leads to reduced muscle mass. Beyond that, there’s a strong link between sleep deprivation and emotional weakness. People suffer from suppressed anger and pessimism. God is watching our every move. God sees through our motives. Mental health crisis is sweeping on a global scale because the core value of capitalism is incompatible with what human truly needs. Money cannot purchase inner peace. Wealth incurs fair-weather friends, frenemies, and snobs. I would say, inner peace is the utmost blessing from God. Stop recording the faults of others and practice compassion mediation instead.我喜歡文字,大概是因為我喜歡永恆的東西,而世上多數的東西都不是。不是所有人都需要心靈雞湯,如果你絕對正向而強壯。養心養身,而潛意識24小時不睡覺,身體自癒的開關落在潛意識的區塊,只有絕對入骨的正向樂觀才能痊癒,恐懼傷骨傷腎,老人家們容易膝蓋牙齒不好是因為恐懼多憂慮多。中醫主張生悶氣、恐懼、悲觀和過食是疾病的根源。自認不是棉花糖的勵志派,是寫實警世的定位,但我肯定有邏輯基礎的正向思考,Bible很多內容都很科學,也符合中醫的論點。佛教主張前世今生的因果論,而 Bible主張人生只有一回,但人生必有難題。難題分兩種,一種是磨練鍛鍊心智的training,好好表現,災難的背後會有禮物。禍福相依,壞消息可能帶來跳板、第三條路的視野、或逆境激發潛力。好消息往往伴隨更多責任挑戰,甚至暗藏陷阱,很多好消息最後變成頭痛點。第二種難題是試煉,上蒼期望你我在逆境中堅守,試煉,是上蒼決定該不該給你我天堂入場卷的門票!猶太人虔誠,但他們的教堂沒有神像沒有十字架,只有書(因為信仰在心中)。人生有很多上蒼的隨堂考,當掉就要重修(歷史就會重演)。氣生災,如果你我相信成功需要幸運,把「柔」做好,就可以賺福氣。Bible強調柔軟的力量、自律、謙卑、口舌之禍及傲慢之惡。寫信給站長(責任編輯)司馬儀: 如果遭受暴力(家暴,或霸凌)、性侵或性騷擾或任何身心虐待,撥打113保護專線,24小時全年無休。生活學業工作等等困擾,撥打安心專線「1925」。若簽約租賃碰到詐騙,撥打165反詐騙專線(警察)或內政部警政署反詐騙諮詢專線:0800-018-110


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