[ Love Relationship ] How to Mend a Broken Heart? How to Find My Destiny?

by Pi-Yi Chien  


Walking away from a love relationship has nothing to do with failure or worthlessness. Some people can never be free from outdated romantic promise of his/her old lover, or literally former lover. Without doubt, the act of giving a promise is sweet. Some people view promise as forever love, and some view it as a commitment or responsibility. We once professed our love for someone with grand romance. We once pledged to love someone forever but we failed. Your sense of confidence might be somehow wavered but your own survival and value hinges on how you evaluate yourself. When the one you count upon let you down, don’t panic. Mutual trust and esteem are necessary requirements in all relationships. You are valuable if you can memorize the best part of life and let the sadness go. Treating yourself well reminds people that you’re worthy of being loved. When a relationship came to an end, how you interpret the relationship matters in the healing process. You have to picture your future visions rather than count on what you loss in a love relationship.


  Intimate relationship is what we desire in life. It is understandable that we undergo a sense of powerlessness or a sense of lost whenever the outcome is not what we expect in a life path. We feel painful because we suppose we’ve lost something important or precious. You might be suffered from self-doubt and sense of grief. Waves of emotions pour in at midnight and you feel disoriented.It is widely believe that no matter how accomplished or intelligent you are in real life, still, you might encounter obstacles in love relationships. When your love relationship is in danger, it demands clear-mind, rationality and determination to decide whether to stay or walk away from the relationship. You are not alone. Countless people go through the same experience as you. Almost everybody harbors the desire to build a stable intimate relationship, especially eternal love relationship. If you realize walking away from an unpromisingly love relationship is not a particular tragedy but liberation, you will be totally relieved. If the relationship is basically toxic, then you should be grateful that you end it successfully. You have to tell yourself that both parties agree to end the relationship because you both admit it is a worn-out love relationship.  

A toxic Mr. Wrong typically refers to a man who stress you out and make you confused or depressed. Dating with Mr. Wrong is absolutely a route of self-destruction. Dating with a Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong would be extremely contrasting experiences. Wake up from your fantasy! If you desire to be well-treated and be loved, leave him before it is too late.Falling in love with the wrong person with irresistible passion is much like drug-addition. You have to leave the wrong guy with strong determination for the sake of your future. The initial step might be difficult but over time you will feel terribly much better after few months or few weeks or few days.




How to Recover From an Abusive Relationship?



 Either you end the relationship with Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong, don’t let yourself indulge in negative or pessimistic thinking. You’d better work on something productive. Creating something valuable in career or in life can definitely shift your focus and ease your pain.You are passionate for him and you can definitely passionate for another man if you are willing to give it a try. You still have tons of chance to get to know the perfect man.




What can I do shortly after a sudden break-up?


The following are the guides:

1. Allow yourself to focus on yourself or your loved ones! Imagine what you need and what you desire in the future rather than obsess with past shared experience with your former lover. Don’t hang on to the past. Be good to yourself, no matter what life brings.

2. Keep yourself energetic and optimistic. Attitude is the thing. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

3. Let the world know you are available for dating now. ♥

4. Reevaluate your advantages. ♥ ♥

5. Pray for your wishes and work on it wholeheartedly. ♥ ♥

6. Join activities after work in the weekend. You might have great chance to find someone who shares the same interests with you. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

7. Visit the bookstores or libraries to widen your perspectives about the world. ♥ ♥ ♥

8. Attend the concerts and have fun. ♥ ♥



Is he a Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?


A former lover is the one who we once loved, the one we had strong attachments to and whom we depended on for a certain period of time. You have to re-evaluate the relationship from the beginning to end. If he is your Mr. Right and you are the one who ruins the relationship, then you should work hard to earn him back. But, if he is the Mr. Wrong, you should feel much relieved to say goodbye to an unpromising love relationship. Most people ultimately realize that their love relationship or their former lover turned out to be not what they thought after they terminate the relationship. It is a commonplace thing that the truth comes to light after you walk away from a love relationship.




  “I knew that he can’t be trusted. He acts wild and irresponsible. Yet I can’t get him off of my mind and I want to be with him. I just couldn’t help myself!” What blinds you to see the truth in the dating process? It is a cruel truth that women who have the tendency to be overly faithful and consistent have the higher chance to mistake her BF for Mr. Right and waste their time upon the wrong guy. Many women make excuses for their lovers and they awake from blindness after they terminate the toxic relationship. If you are tormented for a relationship, if the relationship confused you, you have to figure out if it is essentially an abusive relationship. A good love relationship revolves around happiness and fulfillment rather than pain and suffering.



What Are the Signs of a Mr. Right?


You may look for clues from the following messages. Mr. Wrong is possessive, self-centered and capricious. He knows how to manipulate your heart with smooth tongue. He smashes things and shouts whenever he is upset. Whenever the trouble occurs he glares at you and casts blame upon you and never admits his wrongdoing. He supervises your daily routine and acts like a stalker. He checks your text messages and hacks into your voicemail. A possessive lover could be a dangerous lover. He makes you feel useless and cuts you off from your social circle. He cohabits with you, but he never shares the housework and demands sex regardless of your will. He takes full control of money and stops you from working. He sees someone behinds you. He knows exactly what to say to get you and you do exactly what he says. He messes you up. He threatens you or treats you better whenever you are tempted to give up the relationships. He expects you to be responsible for his well-being. If your partner happens to show any of the traits as aforementioned, then he is qualified to be called as a Mr. Wrong.


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