Baby的毛帽針織帽 knit hat patterns: Knitting for Babies – Hats and Booties

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As a chief editor, I tend to unveil the issues which are easily neglected by the mainstream public. As for love, I suppose we should rationalize affections. As to the meaning of life, it’s hard to pin down. I do believe there are different life courses for every individual. Regarding faith, I certainly believe that God is watching over us and trying hard to guiding us to the right path through consecutive hints or persistent reminders by many unpredictable episodes in daily lives. Situated in a global capitalist society, what’s the vicious cost of capitalism? As people define winners and losers by a unanimous singular standard by job title, fame or wealth, what do you reckon? The core spirit of capitalism disseminates a reward-oriented idea. “Survival of the Fittest” is a catchy slogan. What’s the fundamental bestiality of capitalism? Have you wondered about the influence of social Darwinism? Or, have you wondered the underlying causality of universal bullying phenomenon on the worldwide scale? Have you ever heard Finland’s anti-bullying program “Kiva”? Do you resonate to the global issue of climate change? Do the self-serving politicians gross over their wickedness by law or something? Would there be a society which exempts from crime, drug, and poverty? We have seen countless politicians who are talented at outwitting the crowds and working for their own advantage with flat-out lies. I would say, independent thinking might be the antidote. Set up a knowledge-oriented website is my very original core motive. I do hope this platform also provide entertainment, soul-healing articles simultaneously. The best way to support the website is to help share the article by Facebook, Line or Instagram. Many thanks. 《Getting Closer to God’s Voice 1985》目前網站累積兩千餘篇文章,囊括語言教學、時事、旅遊美食、理財買房、兩性專欄、電視劇電影影集、逛街網購時尚情報及法律知識的相關文章都在持續增加ING。建立一個「一輩子所需的資料庫和知識庫」是設立這個網站的理念,希望是兼具知識、娛樂與療癒功能的一個平台。點擊廣告雖然可以增加網站收入,但支持網站最好的方式,是幫忙把文章以FB或Line 或IG 分享出去。建議用電腦閱讀。



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