愛情電影《時空永恆的愛戀》The Age Of Adaline

  • 編劇:J古洛(J. Goodloe)及薩爾瓦多·帕克斯維茲(Salvador Paskowitz)
  • 導演:李·克萊格(Lee Krieger)
  • 主要演員和腳色對照:布蕾克·布朗(Blake Brown)飾 愛德琳·鮑曼 / 珍妮

OST Start Again Lyrics – The Age Of Adaline Soundtrack (Rob Simonsen & Faux Fix Ft. Elena Tonra) 線上聽


Flemming: Don’t you miss having someone to love? It’s been such a long time.你不懷念有個人愛的日子嗎?都已經那麼久了。

Adaline Bowman: It’s not the same when there’s no future.如果沒有未來,就不一樣。

Flemming: What are you talking about? You got nothing but future!你在說什麼? 你什麼都沒有,你有的只有未來而已!

Adaline Bowman: I mean a future together, growing old together. Without that, love is, uh… it’s just heartbreak.我指的是一起擁有的未來,一起慢慢變老,若是不能一起慢慢變老,愛只會讓人心碎。

Flemming: It’s the same for everybody. How many times has my heart been broken?每個人都是這樣,都一樣!我的心碎了多少次?

劇中經典台詞:Tell me something I can hold onto forever and never let go.告訴我有什麼東西能讓我永遠擁有,而且永遠不用放手。

  • hold onto/on to something (= To grasp or keep something.)


戀愛愛情主題電影推薦《P.S我愛你》P.S. I Love You.


 劇本:理察·拉格文斯(Richard LaGravenese)和史蒂芬·羅傑斯(Steven Rogers)根據2004年西西莉雅·艾亨(Cecelia Aher) 的同名小說改編。
 導演:理查·拉葛瑞夫尼斯(Richard LaGravenese)
 主題曲:Love You Till the End
 主要演員和腳色對照:
• 希拉蕊·史璜 – 荷莉·賴利-甘迺迪(Holly Reilly-Kennedy)
• 傑拉德·巴特勒(Gerard Butler) – 蓋瑞·甘迺迪(Gerry Kennedy)


✿電影《p.s我愛你》經典台詞中英對照:We’re so arrogant, aren’t we? So afraid of age, we do everything we can to prevent it. We don’t realize what a privilege it is to grow old with someone.我們都太自負了,對不對?我們是那麼害怕年紀,不計一切抗老。我們並不明白跟一個人一起慢慢變老是多麼地榮幸。

In this world, only those men who really feel happy can give women happiness.在這個世上,只有那些真正快樂的男人能給予女人幸福快樂。

✿電影《p.s我愛你》經典台詞中英對照:I’m a man with no regrets. How lucky am I. You made my life, Holly. But I’m just one chapter in yours. 我了無遺憾,我是如此地幸運。荷莉,是你成就我的人生。但我只是你人生的一個章節。

✿電影《p.s我愛你》經典台詞中英對照:Don’t be afraid to fall in love again.不要害怕再次陷入愛情。

▲(Gerard Butler),英國男演員,1969年11月13日出生於蘇格蘭,1997年藉在“男布朗夫人”初登銀幕,2004年,出演了音樂劇“歌劇魅影”打開知名度。在2006年年的“300勇士”中,杰拉德·巴特勒飾演了斯巴達王李奧尼達,猛士形象深烙人心。2009年,“醜陋事實”,嘗試浪漫喜劇。2013年12月29日,杰拉德·巴特勒主演“奧林匹斯的陷落”。


#P.S. I Love You (2007) -Soundtrack S. I Love You movie quote/ film/  Photo Gallery

電影《婚禮冤家》(Destination Wedding ):「悲傷會改變它的形貌」

《婚禮冤家》劇情提要:陌生男女在機場相遇,婚禮上又被安排坐在一起。男生覺得女生nagging 女生覺得男生刻薄,做作,空有外表。彼此不斷吐槽對方卻熊熊開始曖昧。或許因為他們對彼此毫無好感掩飾,所以一邊鬥嘴吵鬧一邊意外地完成了所有的價值觀上的交流。雖然是浪漫片,但多了真實面。就是戀人間的磨擦是必然的。親密接觸也不可能像電影演的一樣。

《婚禮冤家》是浪漫愛情片無誤。劇中提到的「度假婚禮」(destination wedding)是指新人要到很遙遠的地方辦婚禮,所以賓客需要搭機前往,在名人和明星夫婦當中特別流行。




他和Winona Ryder認識多年,Winona Ryder直接告白:「如果要嫁給基努李維,我當然願意。」湯姆漢克與梅格萊恩合作過《西雅圖夜未眠》、《電子情書》等愛情喜劇,2年前梅格萊恩首部自導自演的電影《伊薩卡的電報》,湯姆漢克擔綱監製並參演。

▲不少友情走著走著,轉個彎卻擦出絕佳化學反應。被媒體封為男神「基哥」的基努李維(Keanu Reeves)與薇諾娜瑞德(Winona Ryder)4度合作,在電影《婚禮冤家》(Destination Wedding )上演長達親密關係。據了解,基努李維與薇諾娜25年前首度合作,在《吸血鬼:真愛不死》飾演夫妻,陸續合拍《心機掃描》、《她的私密日記》。拍親密戲,薇諾娜說說基努扭扭捏捏,還讓她得主動索吻。

What does destination wedding mean?

A destination wedding is any wedding in which the engaged couple and/or a majority of their guests travel to attend the wedding ceremony. The distance travel ranges from a few-hour-drive to days of flying. As reported, celebrities or socialites prefer destination weddings. Consequently, destination weddings have been enormously popular over these years. The bride and groom plan to celebrate their marriage where is far away from home by selecting a location which has a special meaning for them or somewhere they can enjoy more fun and adventure with highly guarded-privacy, such as an exotic country. It could be anywhere which fit their preference. Thus, destination wedding usually cost higher budget by including lodging and flying ticket from sure.


Frank: Destination wedding is presumptuous. They’re in a fool’s paradise.
Lindsay: Don’t you believe there’s someone for everyone?
Frank: Close. I believe that there’s nobody for anyone.


Frank: I don’t understand how even after Keith did what he did to you, you can possibly still be mooning over him.
Lindsay: Because you’re a monkey who doesn’t understand the human condition.
Frank: Having met you I understand why it’s a condition.


Lindsay: You know, I’m not wearing anything under my pajamas.
Frank: Why would you, they’re so alluring.

艾瑪史東電影《樂來越愛你》Maybe I’m not good enough!



Mia: Maybe I’m not good enough!
Sebastian: Yes, you are.

Mia: Maybe I’m not. It’s like a pipe dream.

#pipe dream: an unattainable or fanciful hope.







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