電影《華爾街》(Wall Street)劇中經典對話中英對照

電影《華爾街》(Wall Street)(1987 )

  • 導演奧利佛·史東(Oliver Stone)[1]
  • 獲獎紀錄奧斯卡金像獎最佳男主角獎等等
  • 劇本奧利佛·史東(Oliver Stone), 斯坦利·韋澤(Stanley Weiser)
  • 演員名單: Michael Douglas,Charlie Sheen,Daryl Hannah,Martin Sheen,Hal Holbrook,Terence Stamp


電影《華爾街》(Wall Street)劇中經典對話中英對照

Bud Fox: Dad, I’m going to jail and you know it. 爸,你知道我要進監獄了。

Carl Fox: Yeah, well, maybe that’s the price, son. It’s gonna be hard on you, that’s for sure. But maybe in some kind of screwed-up way, it’s the best thing that could’ve happened to you. 嗯哼,嗯,兒子,或許那就是代價吧!對你來說可能會很辛苦,那是當然的。或許是以一種出包的方式,但這也許會是發生在你身上最好的事情。

  • screw up:搞砸。英解: To make a mess of something 2.To cause (someone) to be emotionally or mentally troubled

SIf you need a friend, get a dog. 如果你需要一個朋友,幫自己弄一條狗。

  • get v.獲得,取得[2]
  • be friends with: To be a friend of


電影《華爾街》(Wall Street劇中經典對話中英對照

Carl Fox: He’s using you, kid[…] but you’re too blind to see it. 他在利用你[ …]但你眼盲看不到。

Bud Fox: No. What I see is a jealous old machinist who can’t stand the fact that his son has become more successful than he has! 不是這樣的,我看到的是一個老技工的妒忌,他受不了他的兒子比他更成功的事實。

Carl Fox: What you see is a guy who never measured a man’s success by the size of his WALLET! 你看到的是一個從來不會用金錢衡量一個人是否成功的人。

Bud Fox: That’s because you never had the guts to go out into the world and stake your own claim. 那是因為你從來沒膽放手闖世界去拿取你應有的那一份。

Carl Fox: Boy, if that’s the way you feel, I must have done a really lousy job as a father.孩子,如果你的感受是這樣,我一定是一個糟糕的父親。

▲stake out a claim。stake out字面上的意思是「立樁標出地界」 。claim在這個片語當作名詞使用,指的是土地所有權。據說在1849年間美國擁進淘金者,他們抵達目的地做的第一件事便是佔有土地,在選中土地的四個角敲進木樁作為地界,然後向政府遞交一份claim,即要求土地所有權狀。這就是stake out a claim這個片語的由來。

 stake out [off] a claim:立界標表明(土地等的)所有權;堅持某物歸自己ðstake out something:to claim ownership of something

▲claim 可同時作為名詞[3]和動詞[4],有以下兩種解釋:1.要求(應得權利),認領,索取。2.主張,斷言,聲稱,自稱。


[1] 擔任電影《午夜快車》(Midnight Express)編劇獲得奧斯卡最佳改編劇本獎。作為導演,電影《前進高棉》(Platoon)獲得奧斯卡最佳導演獎及最佳影片獎。

[2] get a living 謀生。 get the sack 〔口語〕被解雇。

[3]作為名詞的英文解釋: 1.an assertion of something, typically one that is disputed or in doubt. 2.a demand or request for the ownership of something

[4]作為動詞的英文解釋: 1. state or assert something without providing evidence or proof.


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