影集|《六人行》(Friends)經典台詞和對話中英對照|I wish I could, but I don’t want to



Ross: I would date her, but there’s a big age difference. 我想和她約會,但彼此年齡差距頗大。

Joey: Well think about it – when you’re 90 … 嗯,想想看,當你九十歲的時候。

Ross: I know. She will be 80 and there won’t be a big difference. 我知道,那時候她便八十歲了,也就沒有很大的差距了。

Joey: No, that’s not what I was going to say. What I was going to say is when you’re 90 you’ll still have the memory of what it’s like to be with a 20 year old. 錯了,那不是我要說的,我要說的是:當你九十歲的時候,你還是會想著如果跟一個二十歲的妞在一起會怎樣


  • May-December relationship:年齡差距很大的戀愛關係(老少配)。SYN: May-December romance
  • puppy love:初戀=kitten love 或 calf love
  • crush:暗戀ðhave a crush on someone:暗戀某人
  • cross cultural relationship:異國戀ðcross Cultural 跨文化
  • fling:短暫戀情或是「兩個人達成共識、沒有壓力的戀愛關係」。相關字:date for fun
  • two-timing:腳踏兩條船ð She doesn’t know Johnny’s been two-timing her.ð It turns out Ryan was two-timing Jean with her best friend in the very beginning.
  • have an affair:外遇,婚外情(extramarital affairs)
  • third wheel:電燈泡ðI hung out with Mary and Jack last night and I was just the third wheel.ðIf you bring your girlfriend, I’ll take Amy with me cau’z I don’t wanna be the third wheel.
  • open relationship:開放式戀愛關係,指彼此保持伴侶關係,但不受單一伴侶的限制


影集《六人行》(Friends)經典對話中英對照:I wish I could, but I don’t want to. 但願我可以,但我不想。

wish 共有三種用法,說明如下

wish用法1: 表示祝福,句型: wish + object + adj/ noun

e.g. I wish you good luck. 我祝你好運。

e.g. I wished you a pleasant journey. 我祝你旅程愉快。

e.g. I wish you a merry Xmas. 我祝你聖誕快樂。

注意: wish後面不能接that子句

wish用法2 : 表示但願某事發生,但事與願違。(所以是與事實不符,是講述過去的事)

e.g. I wish (that) I were you. 如果我是你就好了。(但我不是你)

e.g. I wish I had passed the test. 我希望我考試有過。(但我沒有)

e.g. I wish you hadn’t stolen my heart. 我多希望你沒有偷走我的心!(事實上我的心已經被你偷走了)

wish 用法3: wish + to + 不定詞 [1]

e.g. Study harder if you wish to get higher grades. 如果你想要取得更高分,就要更努力學習。

[1] wish這裡的意思是「想要」,意思等同want,算是比want更優雅一點的說法。

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生日: 1967 年 2 月 16 日
Mike Hannigan
Mike Hannigan

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