Daily Meditation Activity: Embrace a Balanced Peaceful Mind and Youth 

Mediation was viewed as a spiritual or religion-oriented practice but scientific research has proved the cognitive physical and mental health benefits of meditation activity. At any rate, mediation is basically a mindfulness practice. Many medical journals have reported that levels of the stress hormone cortisol are significantly reduced after meditation so as stress indicator blood pressure. Furthermore, blood glucose and insulinlevels are improved.

l   Target of mediation activity: peaceful mind and harmonious life.

Key rule of mediation activity :


  1. 1.          Stay focus on one point: focused-attention.

Note: Jon Kabat-Zinn assumed that mindfulness meditation as an unbiased attention to the current moment.

  1. 2.          sitting crossed-legged chanting: the pose help elicit a profound relaxation response in the body.
  2. 3.          without religious connotation
  3. 4.          It could be an individual practice or group practice.


Conclusion: More Healthy, Enthusiastic and Energetic

l   Stress has been proven to be the key factor to trigger disease and aging process. Hence, I would say that peaceful mind is the main element which keeps people healthy and young. In this respect, a peaceful mind would be the most influential and beneficial gift from participation of mediation activity. Clear-mind and positive thinking are vital nourishment in decision-makings and dream-pursuing. Peaceful mind brings out peaceful relationships and better communication skills.  

     Mediation practice give the participants greater calmness to perform well under pressure and stay positive during tough situation or troubled times. With clear-mind, people have higher chance to get things right in the first time, either in communication or in task-performing. Aside from these, meditation activity has proven to soothe cardiovascular disease, migraines and cancer.

Note: The communication gap arises when subjects undertake higher stress level. It is common that people tend to be more aggressive and unfriendly than usual or violent when their stress level rises high.



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