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Nickname :MJ, King Of PopMichaelsmellydoo-doomjmikejacko






MV 導演、監製、編劇、配音員、主持、頒獎典禮司儀






michael jackson biography

  • 6歲時與四位胞兄以「傑克森兄弟」(Jackson 5)走紅樂壇

  • 1985年,呼籲美國歌手一起錄製歌曲《We Are The World

  • 1969年正式踏入音樂界

  • 2009: 洛杉磯縣驗屍官在驗屍後宣布他的私人醫生過失致死。

  • 19891993年獲頒「特殊成就獎」及「當代傳奇獎」


1958/08/29出生地:美國印安那州(Indiana) 蓋瑞市(Gary)




小時候五官也挺可愛的為什麼要漂白? 也許被歧視的陰霾真的很巨大







Career: popular R & B singer, songwriter and actor


It is said that he was abused by his father since childhood. He began his career since five. He is a convict of child abuse and he possibly harbors abnormal desire to children. He was compelled to deal with lawsuits repeatedly because of controversial issues and tons of suspicions of child abuse cases (虐童案), which triggered widespread public criticism. He paid compensation to the victim’s family in 1994. Aside from this, he was suspected to conduct aberrant sexual activities to children, which had never proven by the judges. He ultimately was acquitted of all charge. However, the dispute of sex abuse never came to halt since then .Nevertheless, He once confessed that he was addicted to sedatives (鎮定劑)and canceled off his world tour. It is undeniable that his private lives were much troubled by mental problems. Meditation would be another approach to peace people’s mind.


The Golden Age:

  • Jackson released “Thriller” in 1982, which sold 21 million copies in the U.S.

  • He patented street-style dance moves on the moon, which titled as “moonwalk” in 1983.

  • He received13 Grammy Awards in total.

Love relationship

His first marriage ended in divorce in 1996. The same year he got married to Debbie Rowe and had another two children. But it is reportedly that they never lived together.


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Dare to be different.愛你所愛

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